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Hunt-Dis ~ What I've Learned


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2004 HDSA National Convention
Hunt-Dis ~ What I've Learned
All I ever really needed to know
about living with Huntington's Disease
I learned on Hunt-Dis.
I learned that my feelings and fears
are valid and shared by many.
I learned that in sharing
there is comfort.
I learned that through knowledge
there is power.
I learned that while grief can overwhelm,
love can heal. 

I learned that the truest
and most remarkable heroes are those who, while faced with overwhelming
obstacles and sorrow
find the strength to keep going,
keeping giving, and keep loving.

I've learned that,
though we may never have met,
seen one another face-to-face,
or shared a morning
over a cup of coffee,
my new friends share
my deepest needs;
my tears and my pain,
my hopes, and my dreams.

I learned that,
when dark clouds are gathering around,
my friends will reach
for their paintbrushes and pots of silver;
they encourage and lift me up
and give me the will to go on.

I learned that a path
has already been forged
for me by others
on this difficult journey
and that I must leave my footprints
for those who come behind.

I learned that my children can have hope.

I learned that I am not alone.

Love to All,

(HD Caregiver)