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2004 HDSA National Convention

Gayle Kingsbury's
"Hope" T-Shirt
hopetshirt.jpg Look below to see the "Hope" T-shirt artwork.
Hopefully you've seen our own Gayle Kingsbury's inspiring HOPE ~ Limited Edition original prints that are available on from the HDSF [they make beautiful gifts]. 
At the 2003 HDSA Convention in Houston one young man with Huntington's Disease fell in love with the "Hope" print and asked if he could have it put on a T-Shirt.   We are elated to say that Gayle has generously given her permission for the HDSF to offer "Hope" on a T-Shirt!
How To Order
Iron-On Transfers are $3.00 and T-Shirt are $16.00 which includes S&H in the US.  Contact Sue for shipments outside the US.. 
Please use this form to send your order:
When ordering a "Hope" T-Shirt, please remember to include your T-Shirt size! 
Don't forget your Pie-In-The-Face-Contest votes.  For every $1.00 you spend you can vote in the Pie-In-The-Face contest. Let Sue know who you want to get the pie in 2004!!
Shown smaller then actual size. The actual size is 8.5 x 11"