Your Child Is At Risk For HD-What Next? | Testing Children | Genetic Testing for HD | HD-Psychological Impact of Genetic Testing | JHD-Duration of Illness In HD | JHD-Clinical and Research Perspectives | Talking With Children About HD In Family | Family Dynamic Alterations in HD | Children of Parents With HD | How do Patients/Families Cope with HD? | 8 Fears of A Chronic Illness | Childhood Depression | Symptoms-General | Emotional-Links | Teens & Suicide | HD Info-Links | HD Support Groups | HD and Teens/Kids | Brain Parts | KIDS-Following Pages Are For Young People | KIDS-The Brain | KIDS-Talking About Your Feelings | KIDS-Depression | KIDS-How Will I Know When I'm Depressed? | KIDS-Anxiety | KIDS-Spotlight on Stress | KIDS-Abuse | KIDS-Coping With An Abusive Relationship | KIDS-When Someone You Know Has A Chronic Illness | KIDS-Genes | KIDS-Memory Matters | KIDS-Obsessive Compulsive Disorders | KIDS-Bipolar Disorder | KIDS-Why Am I In Such A Bad Mood? | KIDS-How Can I Deal With My Anger? | KIDS-Talking With Parents or Other Adults | KIDS-Figuring Out Phoebia's | KIDS-What Is Hyperactivity? | KIDS-Sadness Feelings | KIDS-Learning Disabilities | KIDS-Understanding AD/HD | KIDS-Epilepsy~Seizures | KIDS-Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Therapist Visits | KIDS-Going To A Therapist | KIDS-Teens & Sleep | KIDS-Kids With Special Needs | KIDS-Wheelchairs | KIDS-Going to a Physical Therapist | KIDS-Going to an Occupational Therapist | KIDS-What's It Like Living With JHD? | KIDS-Doctors & Hospitals | KIDS-Medicines & How They Work | KIDS-How Do Pain Relievers Work? | KIDS-Drugs~What You Should Know | KIDS-I May Have A Drug/Drinking Problem | KIDS-Coping With An Alcoholic Parent | KIDS-Running Away | KIDS-My Friend Is Talking About Suicide | KIDS-When Someone Dies | KIDS-Links For Kids | Page Five Title | Page Six Title | New Page Title
Kids-Young Adults

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Children~Other Emotional Support/Behaviors
A Parent's Guide to Kids and Alcohol; A Parent's Guide to Surviving Adolescence; Binge Eating Disorder; Delayed Speech or Language Development; Disciplining Your Child; Talking to Your Child About Alcohol; Talking to Your Child About Drugs; Talking to Your Child About Smoking and Smokeless Tobacco; Teaching Your Child Self-Control; The Power of Play; The Truth About Temper Tantrums; Toilet Teaching Your Child; What to Do if Your Kid Is Using Drugs; Your Child's Habits
Children~Other Emotional Support/Feelings
Developing Your Child's Self-Esteem; Helping Your Child During a Divorce - and After; Posttraumatic Stress Disorder; Questions and Answers About Sex ; Recognizing Signs of Child Abuse; Sibling Rivalry; Tips for Divorcing Parents etc.
Coping With Anxiety, Fears, and Phobias in Children
Experiencing and dealing with anxieties can prepare young people to handle the unsettling experiences and challenging situations of life. Read on to understand the differences between anxieties, fears, and phobias, and how you can help your child deal with them. Help Recognizing Signs; How To Help Your Child
Depression - When Your Child Is Depressed
If your child is depressed, you're probably frightened and frustrated because depression can be scary for your child and discouraging if you're a parent who's at a loss to help..Getting Help; Treatments; What You Can Do
Depression In Children~Understanding It
Your daughter spends more time in her room than usual, with the door closed. and the shades drawn. She sleeps a lot, and even the family dog can't make her smile anymore. She has stopped hanging out with her friends, and when you ask what's going on, she just mumbles. Normal teen behavior? Not really.What Is Depression, Recognizing It, What To Do

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