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Submitting A Square~Instructions
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Submitting A Square~Instructions

Hunt-Diser Debbie Hart has graciously agreed to help with the Phase II of the Huntington's Disease Memorial Quilt.  The quilt is made from individual twelve-inch blocks. These blocks will be incorporated into the new section of the HD Memorial Quilt . Anyone wishing to create a block is welcome to submit one or more finished blocks. Please see "Instructions" below for specific details. Finished quilt squares should be mailed to:

Debbie Hart
530 NW 6th
Washington, Indiana 47501
Telephone:  812-254-0197

Please mail the following to be received  by Debbie on or before 15 April 2002

  • Quilt square with name and date of the person you are honoring. This may be done by embroidering, writing with permanent fabric pen or use a computer transfer. This can be done at Kinkos if you don't have the ability to do it at home.
  • Short Biography (1 page or less) of person being remembered

Specific Instructions - Making A Square

Debbie is also available to help anyone with any questions you have when making your quilt square. Please feel free to contact her. DELETE ARDIE's INFO

First, determine what kind of block you wish to make: Photo transfer, appliqué, patchwork, or other original creations using your ideas. Your raw quilt block should be 12 1/2 " X 12 1/2 inches when finished to allow for seams when the next section of the quilt is assembled.

Selecting fabrics:

Colors and design are up to the you. Please select fabrics such as cotton that maintain their shape and will be easy to work with. If using new materials wash them first. Keep in mind a quarter inch of each side will be used to piece the blocks together.

Designing the block:

If you don't have a clue where to start, browse through books, the Internet, magazines and fabric stores. Try to see the block as a one visual unit and not an assembly of bits and pieces. The viewer should first notice the whole picture and then notice the little details such as found objects or quilting stitches. Think of special things or memories that best represent the loved one you are making the quilt square for to get ideas.

Design dimensions, color, and fabric for lattice and borders:

You may use anything you would like when making a quilt square except batting, which will be added by the Quilting club. Please keep in mind that the finished quilt will be tied or quilted by machine or hand.


  • Prepare and cut templates and fabrics.
  • Piece the top by machine or hand.
  • Admire your handy work, then submit your square!