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HDSF Book Offer

The book sells on line from the author for $23.95 each. In order to raise funds for the Hunt-Dis Scholarship fund we are charging the same price as you can buy this book on line, plus $1.50 shipping and handling. So, you're probably asking yourself WHY buy it from the HDSF when you can get it for $1.50 cheaper on line????

Because the HDSF Committee took advantage of bulk quantity discounts and every book your order through the HDSF will donate $7.18 to the HDSF!!

It may not seem like a lot considering the time it will take to package and ship them to you .........but EVERY PENNY COUNTS in helping to send people to the 2002 HDSA National Convention in Columbus, Ohio this May!!

Order The Book!

To order this book please send a check for $25.45 for each book to:

Jean E. Miller
1835 Pine Cone Circle
Clearwater, FL 33760-5349

Along with the address you would like the book mailed to. These will be shipped at the new Post Office book rate and may take 7 to 10 days to be delivered after receipt of your order.

Remember......$7.18 of this amount goes towards the HDSF!

About the book:

The NON CHEW COOKBOOK was written for people suffering from chewing, swallowing and dry mouth disorders. The cookbook has received many endorsements from a wide variety of medical professionals.

Caregivers are also becoming increasingly interested in these recipes to serve the aging population. Many medical professionals use the NON CHEW COOKBOOK in their daily practice and there are reports that patients really appreciate the extra concern shown for their special nutritional needs.



"200 spiral-bound pages of liquid and soft food recipes for denture wearers, people recovering from jaw or throat surgery, and some cancer patients. All recipes have nutrient information."


Food and Nutrition Extension Specialist, Colorado State University

"The Non-Chew Cookbook impressed me because it is catering to the segment of the population that has been completely ignored to date. The recipes can be used by everyone in the family, not just the individual with the swallowing or chewing disorder. Nutritious and appetizing recipes everyone should enjoy."


"A creative cookbook. Should be a welcome wonderland of fresh ideas. If you love fine food, but can't prepare or chew most recipes, order the Non-Chew Cookbook!"