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The Hunt-Dis Scholarship Fund

Welcome to the Hunt-Dis Fund Raising site!

Hunt-Dis is an on-line support group for all people living with Huntington's Disease. There are currently over 400 members world wide.

If you are living with Huntington's Disease and would like to join us, click here:

Huntington's Disease in an inherited, degenerative, brain disease for which there is no cure. Every child of a person with HD is at a 50% risk for inheriting this insidious, terminal, disease which slowly atrophys brain cells leaving the person unable to speak and eventually requiring total care.

The Hunt-Dis Convention Scholarship Fund was established by the people of Hunt-Dis to help members who, due to financial hardships, are unable to attend the Huntington's Disease Society of America's (HDSA) yearly national convention.

The experience of attending a HDSA National Convention is invaluable to any family living with Huntington's Disease. It is at a national convention where they can hear firsthand the latest in research, directly from the mouth of all the wonderful scientists and researchers who attend each convention.

The sessions are designed to help everyone from caregiver, to those at risk, to the person with Huntington's Disease and to our young adults and children living with HD, who have it or are at-risk for it.

Lastly, the comradeship and lasting friendships that everyone will make at a national convention is so heartwarming it just cannot be experienced to the same degree on line.

Funding is raised through several projects that you will find on this website. It is hoped these projects will not only help in generating more funds, which would allow more applicants to attend a convention, but also to provide the donor with something in exchange for their hard earned money.

If you can, please support this fund through the purchase of one of the many items that have been offered this year, or through a straight donation to the HDSF. Thank you!

Make checks or money orders payable to "HDSF" and mail to:

Dave Hodgson
1526 Applegate Dr.
Naperville, Il 60565

To learn more about the Huntington's Disease Society of America (HDSA), click here:

Mission Statement

The HDSF nonprofit organization is dedicated to sending as many deserving members as possible to a Huntington's Disease Society of America National Convention.

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