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Click on "Chat  Now" (below) to enter the Bravenet Chat Room Server. When the Chat window appears, enter a name or nickname for yourself where it says 'Your Name' and a short 'Profile' about yourself (or leave it blank). Then click the button to 'CHAT!'.

Please understand that the success of a live chat room is contingent upon several users being in the room at the same time and there is no guarantee how many users will actually enter the chat room and wait for someone else to arrive to chat. This is why it would help for you to "schedule" a day and time for an on-going chat discussion. Invite your family, friends etc to meet you here!

When using the chat room, we ask that you would please extend the same courtesies as you would when speaking face to face. Please avoid using profanity, hateful, or explicit language.

Please note, this chat room is not moderated, so there is a chance you could encounter another user who is not abiding by this policy. The webmaster can not be held responsible for any comments made by unrelated third parties.

  • Don't have an Instant Messenger (IM) program? or
  • You have Yahoo they have AOL or another provider?
  • Want to talk to others about Huntington's Disease "live"? 

Ask them to meet you here, on this website, in the "Live Chatroom".  Talk to your hearts content.  This chat room is NOT listed in the Bravenet chat forum!

  • You can type more then one liner messages (i.e. write longer messages)
  • You can go off on a private chat by clicking on a person name who is signed on, then you'll be taken to a private chat.
  • You can ignore someone in the chatroom LOL by going to "People" at the top of the page and clicking Ignore
  • You can NOT copy the messages and paste them somewhere else...they DISAPPEAR after the chat.
  • You can sign on under any name you'd like to, to keep anonymous, if you'd like
  • It does NOT have a spellcheck however it's  
  • EASY to use.........just sign on or have someone meet your here!