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Carmen's Book and CD's
About the Author
~Carmen Leal
Carmen is not only a published author but an accomplished singer and speaker!  She is the author of the popular book, "Faces of Huntington's", and one of the original members of Hunt-Dis.  Carmen tours extensively, both in the United States
and throughout Europe, speaking on behalf of Huntington's Disease.
How To Order
Carmen has generously offered a 40% discount on her book and CD's to those ordering them through this website . I.e. any books ordered directly through Amazon, or the Amazon link on the HDSF website, will not have this discount applied.
For each sale, $6.40 (U.S. currency) will be donated to the Hunt-Dis Convention Scholarship Fund. Please note that only
orders purchased directly through Living Hope, Inc. qualify for the donation.
The cost is $16.00 for each plus S&H. 
S&H per book is $3.00, plus $1.00 for each additional book.  S&H for CDs is $2.00 plus $1.00 for each additional CD.
When you place your order, let Carmen know its for the Hunt-Dis Convention Scholarship Fund.  Orders may be sent to:
Carmen Leal c/o HDSF
PO Box 9426
Naples, FL 34101-9426


Or you may use this Auto-Responder to directly submit your order request:  Carmen Auto-Responder



Thank you  for supporting the Hunt-Dis Convention Scholarship Fund!

About Carmen's Books & CD's
Portraits of Huntington's






 is a joyful collection

of profiles, essays,

and quotes for and about those with Huntington's Disease. Portraits of Huntington's features award winning artist Ruth Hargrave's incredible portraits of eight individuals or family groups who are all in some way touched by this genetic disease.  It's a fun, joyful collection of stories that will make you appreciate your life just the way it is.

Faces of Huntington's
Faces of Huntington's is an incredible collection of stories, essays, poems, and quotes of those who are in some way connected to Huntington's Disease. 
NOTE:  We're sorry, but due to a limited number of copies of Faces of Huntington's book being available, Carmen can no longer offer it at the discount shown here.  However there are still about 50 copies available in print.   Please Contact Carmen  directly if you're interested in buying this valuable book!


Faces of Huntington's CD

Faces of Huntington's CD is an incredible collection of music that will bring joy and inspiration to all. Based on the popular book, Faces of Huntington's, this CD does with music, what the book continues to do with essays and stories.


The Pinches of Salt, Prisms of Light CD


Pinches of Salt, Prisms of Light CD is an incredible collection of original music that will bring joy, inspiration and hope to all. Each of the fourteen songs, ten with vocals, four instrumental, was created especially for one of the thematic chapters.