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2004 HDSA National Convention


It's is with deepest sadness to report that our dear friend, this wonderful artist who dedicated her life to Huntington's Disease awareness,  died from complications of a bacterial infection on February  8, 2004  in Calgary, Canada.    You may read some of Lou's written work by visiting
Original Artwork by Lou
Your talent is God's gift to you.
What you do with it is
your gift back to God
~ Leo Buscaglia
About the Artist:
Lou Wilkinson lives in Calgary, Canada.  Lou, a person with Huntington's Disease, is very involved in HD Awareness in Canada.  She has two sons, one who has tested negative for HD, the other has not decided to be tested yet (may he be as equally blessed).
The Painting Offer
With the current rate of exchange of Canadian and US dollars, Lou has offered to paint a picture for anyone willing to donate their US dollars to the Hunt-Dis Convention Scholarship Fund.
Lou does not paint animals or portraits but paints beautiful, life-like flowers, with fauna  being her specialty.   She also does Tole Painting, Rosemauling and Folk Art.
Your painting can also be custom made from any picture you have.
How To Order
If you're interested in obtaining an original work of art from Lou, please fill out this [removed autoresponder].
Once you have agreed to the painting you desire with Lou, the amount you agreed upon should be sent to:

HDSF Original Painting c/o
Dave Hodgson
1526 Applegate Dr.
Naperville, Il 60565
Below are just two samples of Lou's beautiful artwork. The first picture was presented as a gift to Jean Miller at the 2002 HDSA National Convention in Columbus, Ohio. 
Once people see Lou's work in person, they make arrangements for their own private artwork!
Below are just samples of Lou's artwork shown smaller then actual size: