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2004 HDSA National Convention
HDSA's National Youth Association [NYA]
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I breathed a song into the air,
It fell to earth, I know not where,
And the song from beginning to end,
I found again in the heart of a friend.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

What Is The NYA:

At the Huntington's Disease of America's annual convention in Orlando, June 2000, a group of young children and young adults, with HDSA's support and encouragement, established the HD National Youth Association.

These young people's Vision Statement is that theirs will be "The LAST Generation of Huntington's Disease!" Each year the members of NYA elect peers as their Team Leaders who serve in that function for the fiscal convention year.

NYA members either have Huntington's Disease, are at-risk for the disease, or have a parent or sibling with the disease or are a friend to HD.  Their ages range from 9years to  30 years.

There are also four adults supporting the NYA; two with experience as a parent of a child/children with HD, one with experience as a caregiver and with children at-risk, and one from the HDSA.

The support, love and encouragement that they share with each other is phenomenal and would melt anyone's heart! If you are a young person living with HD you are encouraged to try and attend an HDSA National Convention to join the other NYA members in the special events that they plan and for the special sessions the HDSA has put on the convention agenda for young people.


If you are a young person living with Huntington's Disease and would like to join the NYA, you can obtain an application from this website HDSA National Youth Alliance (NYA)

What Is The Silent Auction?

The first annual NYA Silent Auction  was a great success at the national convention in San Diego, June 2001. Donated items were displayed before the banquet, giving everyone a chance to bid on items. Over $2,000 was raised!!!

At the 2002 HDSA National convention in Columbus, Ohio the NYA raised over $1,500.00.  A beautiful, handmade, quilt was donated by Mollie Ressa who was responsible for assembling the Huntington's Disease Memorial Quilt

At the 2003 HDSA convention in Houston, through some generous doubling of the amounts the NYA raised, their total contributions were over $12,000.00!!

Many familes, friends and stores donated unique and wonderful gifts making the 2003 NYA Silent Auction a fun-filled part of the convention.

This event has become an annual event for the HDSA's National Convention. Monies raised by the NYA are typically given to HD Research under matching fund programs.

Please check either the NYA website, or this website, for updates to NYA projects, including how YOU can help support the Silent Auction by donating something of value to the NYA to auction off.

How You Can Help

If you'd like more information about making a donation to the Silent Auction now, please either email Shana Martin  or Jean Miller

If you'd like to solicit stores in your area to help this worthy cause through the donation of merchandise or gift certificates please contact Jean Miller for an HDSA letter recognizing the NYA.  Or, fill out and send this NYA Auction~Auto-Responder

Thank you!

Do You Need HelpAttendingThe Convention?

NYA Members - Your Adult Alliance members Sue Leck and Jean Miller would like to try and help you if you need a ride to the 2004 convention, someone to share a room with or help with registration fees. We're not making any promises, but will contact HDSA Chapters, Support Groups and others to try and get support for you. Please contact us if you'd like a little help!

Others - If you are driving to the convention, and are willing to give an NYA member a ride from your State or one along your travel pathway, please let Sue know when you will be leaving and departing.

" If you have no where to go,
look for me and
I'll give you a way out.
If you need support,
I'll be right there on the sidelines,
cheering for you until
I lose my voice.

If you ever need me,
but don't know where I am,
look behind you;
I'll be there ready
to push you back up
 if you start to fall behind."
~Rachel Turner
Help Make Theirs
The Last Generation of
Huntington's Disease