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2004 HDSA National Convention
Convention-Girl's Night Out
(Gentlemen are invited to join us during dinner.)

 We're on-line throughout the year......but we thought having a "special night" just for ourselves would be great, face-to-face!   

 So, at the 2001 HDSA Convention we started a new tradition, Girl's Night Out. Now this isn't an evening of male bashing as some may think! Rather, just a night for the girls and ladies to get together.......

For the 2003 Girl's Night Out....any of the ladies who are at the convention on Wednesday are invited!  

We are planning a night of "pampering" ourselves with facials, nails, massages, and a night of laughter and relaxation! 

Current plans are to have an early dinner around 5ish and then have all the ladies meet up in Jean Miller's room afterwards.  The gentlemen are invited to join us for dinner if they'd like.

If you plan on being at the convention on Wednesday, see either Sue Leck or myself to find out where dinner will be.


....just sharing, catching up on events in our lives the past year.......


..and just enjoying ourselves because if there isn't some laughter shared in living with Huntington's Disease we'd all be put away.

It's just plain 'ole fun to just get together and let it all hang out........

..but believe me, we are kind and considerate! Men can even join us....if they're brave enough!

   ........Won't you?







Our First Annual Girls' Night out San Diego, California      June 2001