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2004 HDSA National Convention

The HDSF Committee is pleased to announce that HDSA National Youth Alliance (NYA) member Lindsay Meeker has won the 2003 HDSF full convention
scholarship!!  Lindsay has been an active member of NYA on-line HD support
group since June 2002.  Lindsay, who turned 15 last October 20th, is at-risk
for HD and is a sophomore in high school.  Lindsay's father has Huntington's
Disease and her Mom has Multiple Sclerosis.  She is from Ohio and her
grandma, Doris Meeker, is the Family Service Chair and Board Member with the
HDSA Central Ohio Chapter.

Lindsay recently wrote: I play softball and I'm a cheerleader!  I play saxophone, viola, guitar and I'm learning piano/keyboard at the moment. Which translates to I'm in band, orchestra, and choir at school!  I just
moved to my school this year, and last year at my old school I was class
president, in student council, in the know, mock trial, band, jazz band, and drama club!

I'm sure everyone is as PROUD as the HDSF committee of the courage and
determination our youth living with HD are able to demonstrate every day!!



We would like to thank everyone, from the bottom of our hearts, who have
been able to support the Hunt-Dis Scholarship Fund this past year.   As most
of you know, the Hunt-Dis Scholarship Fund was established by the members of
Hunt-Dis in 1999 to help those members who, due a financial hardship, are
unable to attend a Huntington's Disease Society of America's (HDSA) national

This year the HDSF scholarship was opened up to all members of an on-line HD
Support Group, giving the opportunity for a member from any one of those
groups a chance to attend an HDSA convention.

Due to your generosity, through direct donations or the purchase of an item
on this  HDSF website , the fund reached $2403.23 as of March 12th.  There are still some outstanding pledges which will be
added. Out of the total amount, the fund needs to hold $100.00 in the checking account at all times.


We received five (5) very deserving applications this year!!  The winner is
determined by the HDSF Committee using a weighting factor, which assigns
points valued between 0 and 3 (with 3 being the highest) based on the
applicant's response to the questions on the application.

The HDSF fund will be paying for Lindsay's HDSA convention registration and her share of the hotel room at the convention for 3 nights.  Lindsay has
agreed to share a room to save the HDSF money which will go towards the
other scholarships to be given.  She will receive a check from the HDSF to
cover her round-trip air fare ($300) and per diem ($150) while in Houston.


The four runner ups were all asked to confirm their ability to attend the
2003 HDSA National Convention in Houston June 6-8th.  One of the applicants
dropped out of the process, allowing the 2003 HDSF to offer THREE ADDITIONAL

We are ecstatic that the HDSF 2003 scholarship fund will be able to send the
following people to the 2003 HDSA convention in Houston:

Sue Adams - Missouri
Sue has been a member of Hunt Dis for 4 years, plus she is the moderator for
the Yahoo At-Risk on-line HD support group.  Sue lost her husband, Frank
("Frog"), to HD on January 7, 2000.  They have two sons at-risk for HD. Sue has attended one previous HDSA convention

Staci (Stace) Nicholas - Kansas
Stace, who is at-risk for HD, turned 19 on March 17th.  She has been a member of the HDSA National Youth Alliance (NYA) on-line HD support group since Feb. 2001. She is a sophomore in college this year.  Stace has attended 2 previous national conventions. Update 3/26/2003: due to the generous donation of a Hunt-Dis member, Stacyi's 16 year old brother Scott will also be able to attend the convention with her!

Michelle Routhieaux-California
Michelle, who is at-risk for HD, turned 17 on March 8th.  Michelle lost her father, Craig Routhieaux, to HD on November 17, 2001.  Michelle will be graduating from high school this June.   She has been a member of the HDSA National Youth Alliance (NYA) on-line HD support group since it's inception in 2000, plus she is a member of Hunt-Dis.  Michelle has attended 2 previous HDSA conventions

The  2003 HDSF scholarship will cover Sue, Staci & Michelle's HDSA convention registration fee, provide $300 each towards their round-trip air fare and 50% of the convention hotel room and/or equivalent for those staying with family or friends.

Should any one of the scholarship winners not be able to attend the convention, for any reason, their scholarship checks are to be returned/repaid and will be deposited into the 2004 HDSF scholarship fund.
Their convention registration fees will be offered to on-line HD support members at the early-bird rate and the money received rolled over to the 2004 HDSF scholarship fund.


The total dollars to be expended from the 2003 HDSF scholarship fund, to
cover the above 4 scholarships, is $2,503.12.  As of March 12th we had a
total funding of $2,403.23.  With outstanding pledges the total for 2003 is
expected to be about $2,600.00 of which $100 must stay in the checking
account.  So, right now, this years expenditures are $3.12 over the HDSF's
spendable funding allotment, but we're sure that can be covered!


The HDSF Committee, and this years applicants, thank each and every one of
you who have been able to contribute to this very important fund. Without YOU, the above 4 people would not be able to attend the convention this year!

Please remember to support the 2004 Hunt-Dis Scholarship Fund for the 19th
Annual HDSA National Convention to be held in St. Louis, Missouri!