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2002 HDSF Scholarship Winners


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2004 HDSA National Convention
2002 Hunt-Dis Convention Scholarship Winners

2002 Full Scholarship Winner

Deb H.  from Indiana was awarded a full scholarship to the 2002 HDSA National Convention held in Columbus, Ohio.  Deb is at risk for HD and has been a member of the Hunt-Dis on-line support group for over 5 years.  This was Deb's  first national convention and she had a wonderful time.

Unfortunately, the HDSF wasn't  able to raise enough funds to send all five applicants to the convention. However we were able to give 3 partial scholarships!

3 Partial Scholarships
Two scholarships were awarded to applicants who are members of the  HDSA National Youth Alliance (NYA).  All 3 applicants received money from the HDSF scholarship fund that helped cover their expenses to the convention.  Two of the three were first time convention goers! 
Thanks to the support of the San Diego HDSA Chapter our 5th applicant (another NYA member) was provided a full convention scholarship by their Chapter!