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Pledge A Donation

To send just one person to a national convention costs between $1050 and $2000.00 depending on location of convention and how far a scholarship winner lives from the city the convention will be held in.   Expenses are required for convention registration fees, transportation, lodging and meals.  
The Hunt-Dis Convention Scholarship Fund is hoping to send between 3 and 5
individuals to the 2003 HDSA National Convention in Houston June 6-8.  The cost for one night's lodging at the convention hotel is $112.00 plus taxes alone.  Registration fee for the convention itself may run between $140.00 and $200.00 for each person.
Any amount you feel you can contribute will be greatly appreciated!!  This Auto-Responder will send your pledge to Dave Hodgson-Treasurer Hunt-Dis Scholarship Fund.  We're sorry, but at this time we do not have a secure website to accept credit cards.
Thank you!
YES, I'd like to make a donation to the Hunt-Dis Scholarship Fund to help someone having financial difficulty attend an HDSA National Huntington's Disease annual convention.





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HDSF Treasurer

Dave Hodgson
1526 Applegate Dr.
Naperville, Il 60565