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Articles For Kids
First, some of these articles are not meant to say a parent has a mental illness.  Sometimes, because of a severe illness or disease,  those who are sick may act and behave different then they did before getting sick which can be very scary for young people.  These articles, hope-fully, will help you understand a little better. 
An inconsistent, unpredictable family environment also contributes to psychiatric illness in children. Mental illness of a parent can put stress on the marriage and affect the parenting abilities of the couple, which in turn can harm the child. Some protective or positive facts that can decrease the risk to children include: see site
From NAMI Tips for Coping  Same hints in easy to print out format
Dealing With Anger (Kids) - Everyone gets angry, and anger can even be a good thing. Kids can learn how to use and deal with their strong feelings by reading our article just for them.
Dealing With A Chronic Illness - If you suffer from a chronic illness or know someone who does, you know it can be anything but fun.  Even though your doctor can't predict your response to treatment because this varies greatly from one person the next, knowing how some people react may help you prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Excellent article from KidsHealth.com
Dealing With Feelings-Talking About Them
Confused, sad, mad, glad? Check out this section to learn about these emotions and many more - and how to deal with them.
The sites listed here have been developed especially for children.
Hospital Tour Guide - Ever Been to a Hospital? Why don't you come along on a tour? You'll get to meet some really great kids who will show you around, tell you what it's like for them, and teach you what they've learned. Hope that you have a good time! From Bandaids & Blackboard, an excellent childrens resource. 
How Can I Deal With My Anger? (Teens) -Do you wonder why you fly off the handle so easily sometimes? Do you wish you knew healthier ways to express yourself when you're steamed? Check out this article for help with dealing with anger.  KidsHealth.com
Meeting Unique Concerns of Brothers and Sisters of Children with Special Needs - Some great resources from sibshops in PDF format
Special Kids  - This site does not contain a lot of technical data, instead mostly provides resources for young people to learn a little bit Genetics and lots of resources to help with life, school and college plus links to fun and interesting things to do!  Some great links for budding scientists, or doing papers on genetic diseases in school, plus crafts, games, etc.
Someone in My Friend's Family Died - What Should I Do? - When friends lose someone they love - a brother, a sister, a parent, or even a pet - sometimes they change for a while. Read how it affects them.
Sometimes the toughest thing about feelings can be sharing them with others, especially your parents or other adults. Learn more about how to talk to your parents or adults ... from KidsHealth.com
Written by teens facing or living with a serious illness.  Submit yours!
Kids with serious medical problems are normal kids in often very abnormal situations. Here's what they'd like you to know.
A free video for any children with a serious illness and their parents in the USA or Canada. This video shows you how to stay actively involved
What Medicines Are and How They Work -Medicines aren't really a mystery - keep reading our article for kids and you'll learn more about prescription, over-the-counter, and other medicines.
A place to tell your story or to read others.
When Someone You Know Has a Chronic Illness - Fear, frustration, anger, sadness - these are all feelings you might have if someone you know has a chronic illness. However, there are ways to deal with your feelings ...
When Somebody Dies - It's difficult, even for grown-ups, to understand why death must happen. It may be the hardest thing of all to understand. We'll try to help you understand a little bit more in this article for kids.