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Children~Seriously Ill
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Section 8  Children
Resources If Your Child Is Seriously Ill
Child With A Long-Term Illness In English and Spanish - A ton of facts for families with links to many excellent resources to help with all problems in adolescents and teenagers.
Children's "Wish" Foundations
Please click on the following for information on agencies who provide wishes for seriously ill children: Wishes Can Come True-Children's Wish Foundations
A series of stories and tips on coping with a childs illness
Dying of children - Handbook For Mortals No words can describe what it is like to know that your child is not going to live to be an adult. You can comfort your child  during her lifetime, and heal with your family in the future. Seriously ill infants; Sudden causes of childhood death; Fatal chronic illnesses with intact intellect; Communication with children; Rare disorders and Disorders with impaired consciousness
Improving End Of Life Care For Children (PDF)- Partnership for Caring recommendations 4 page document for printing
Respite for Children with Disabilities and Chronic or Terminal Illnesses -  What are respite care services?  Respite programs provide temporary relief for families or caregivers. Additional family benefits include: allowing the family to engage in daily activities thus decreasing their feelings of isolation; providing the family with rest and relaxation; improving the family's ability to cope with daily responsibilities; maintaining the family's stability during crisis situations; helping preserve the family and more
Songs Of Love - A not-for-profit organization that creates personalized songs for chronically and terminally ill children and young adults. Songwriters, singers, and instrumentalists donate their talents to produce one-of-a-kind songs.
Tips for Teachers, Nurses, Doctors and Parents (on a sick child) - From the mouths of children who are sick.
Go down towards middle of the page to find these.  Information from Finding Our Way an article that includes tips for parents for coping with the illness.