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2004 HDSA National Convention

2004-2005 Huntington's Disease
Creating Awareness Calendar
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About the Calendar:
The Hunt-Dis Convention Scholarship Fund is very pleased to offer this 2 year "Creating Awareness"
calendar.  Each month has 2 of the Awareness posters which means you get 48 posters in each calendar!
The posters, in most cases, use the faces of people of all ages who are living with Huntington's Disease to help create awareness to this devastating disease.  Each poster makes a very powerful statement about HD, creating awareness. 
Hang one [or more] in your office, your school locker...
anywhere! Hand them out for friends.
The posters themselves are  FREE to anyone who would like to use them for HD Awareness!
T-Shirts $3.00/$16.00
The HDSF is also offering
to make you a T-shirt iron-on transfer of any poster for $3.00 or we will put your favorite poster on a T-shirt for you for $16.00. 
Take a look at all of the posters available, select
your favorite, then see "How to Order".
About The Posters:
Using PictureIt software we take a regular photo-graph then utilize one of it's tools to "paint" or "posterize" the picture. This gives it the affect you will see on some of the posters. 
We then write small state-
ment regarding Huntington's Disease befitting the picture 
and add HDSA's toll-free phone number.
Personalized Poster
HDSF Committee member  
Sue Leck or Jean Miller will gladly to make a personalized poster of you or a loved one for freeJust email us the photograph and we will email your personalized poster back to you!   
Let us know if you want to 
substitute your local HDSA Chapter or Support Group
phone number on the poster instead of using the HDSA phone number. 
By sending a picture you will be giving permission to the HDSF to include your picture[s], if they elect, to the other free Huntington's Disease Awareness posters on Webshots.
How To Order
You can place your order for the calendar, an iron-on transfer or a T-shirt via this AutoResponder. Click here:  2004-2005 Awareness AutoResponder
Please send your check or money order for $23.00 [US currency] per calendar, which includes Shipping & Handling,  to: 

Mail Your Check to:

HDSF Calendar
c/o Sue Leck
1526 Applegate Dr.
Naperville, IL 60565
Email: Sue Leck

Remember:  This is a 2 year calendar and $10.00 from the sale of each one will go towards the convention scholarship fund.
Don't Forget To Vote...
For the Pie-In-The-Face-Contest  - for every $1.00 you spend you can cast one vote in the 2004 Pie-In-The-Face contest.  I.e. for each calendar you order you can place 23 votes! 
Let Sue know who you want to get the pie in 2004 when you place your order!!