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2004 HDSA National Convention

You Are Joyfully Invited to Attend
The 3rd Annual Hunt-Dis
Thursday, June 10, 2004
Dave Hodgson, Jean Miller and Sue Leck
Click here to see the ->2003 HDSF Pie In The Face Winners
Committee members from the Hunt-Dis Convention Scholarship Fund (HDSF) seem to always be hounding everyone to support this important Fund through several items we've offered to raise donations.

Some of you would probably just love an opportunity to retaliate for all this hounding!!  At both the 2002 and 2003 conventions  we had many "takers" and generated a lot of donations towards the HDSF fund!  As you can see from the above pictures, the committee members were really clobbered (but we had fun)!
Remember........each dollar you spend on any item from this websites gives you one vote for one of the HDSF committee to get the pie!There will be a "1st", "2nd" and "3rd" place "award" of a pie in the face ..........so there is a very good chance of  50% of us getting a pie in the face!
Take this opportunity to "get even"...........at the  Third Annual Hunt-Dis Pie-In-The-Face Contest!

You can "vote" on the person you would like most to see get a pie-in-the face by your donation.  I.e. the top three committee members with the most amount of "votes" will be the ones who will get a lemon meringue (or something equally messy) pie thrown in their face on June 10 at the 5th Annual HDSF Party!

Following are your 2003-2004 HDSF Committee Members participating:
Mike Brown
Dave Hodgson
Sue Leck
Marie Nemec
Jean Miller
Gerleine Schoonover

Megan Younger
Lou Wilkinson

If there is one of your committee members that you would just LOVE to see get a pie-in-the face please send your vote for who they are along with any amount you would like to donate to:
"HDSF" c/o
Dave Hodgson
1526 Applegate Dr.
Naperville, Il 60565
If you would like, you can use this  Pie AutoResponder to send Dave an email with your pledge and votes for the Pie-In-The-Face contest.

If you are unable to attend the convention, you can still vote! We will draw numbers from the Hunt-Disers present who voted to pick someone to throw the pie and there will be a lot of pictures taken and posted to a website after the convention for you to "witness" this event!

The Hunt Dis Pie-In-The-Face Contest will be held at:

Adams Mark Hotel~St. Louis

4:30 P.M. Thursday, June 10th

Our annual HDSF Party will start right after this event but make sure you come by to see all of the mess....er fun!

PS-To see what we look like today, click on 2003-2004 HDSF Committee

Votes for 2004:
Votes: 220


Votes: 162
Votes: 195




Votes: 359
Votes: 290
Votes: 283