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                                About the Hunt-Dis
                       Convention Scholarship Fund
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                                                              Love is the bridge ~ Stephen Levine
Huntington's Disease in an inherited, degenerative, brain disease for which  there currently is no cure. Every child of a person with the disease is at a 50% risk for inheriting this insidious, terminal illness.  It not only affects people  in the prime of their life, but children as young as 5 years old (juvenile form of HD).  To learn more about Huntington's Disease, please visit the

Not only do families living with HD face the daily challenges of the physical and psychological changes HD causes, but too many of them suffer great financial losses because of Huntington's Disease.
In most HD families, the person with Huntington's Disease was the primary or major contributor to their financial stability. Losing their job and insurance benefits has many HD families facing the loss of their homes and having to depend on Government or charitable contributions just to be able to care for their loved ones at home.
In some cases, loving couples are forced into a divorce in order to receive the small stipend of benefits to allow them to care for their HD partner at home.

The Hunt-Dis Convention Scholarship Fund was established by the members  of Hunt-Dis in 1999  to help those members who, due to these financial hardships, are unable to attend a Huntington's Disease Society of America's (HDSA) national convention.
The experience of attending a HDSA National Convention is invaluable to any family living with Huntington's Disease. It is at a national convention where they can hear, firsthand, the latest in research directly from all of the wonderful scientists and researchers who attend the convention.
The sessions are designed to help everyone from the caregiver, to those at-risk, to the person with Huntington's Disease and to our young adults and children living with HD, who have it or are at-risk for it.
Lastly, the comradeship and lasting friendships that everyone will make at a national convention is so heart-warming it just cannot be experienced to the same degree on line. It is, truly, a very rewarding experience for anyone who is able to attend.
Starting with the 2003 HDSA National Convention in Houston the Hunt-Dis Convention Scholarship Fund was expanded to include not only the members of  Hunt-Dis  but the on-line support  groups for our young people (ages 9 to 29)  from the HDSA National Youth Alliance (NYA)the  devoted and tireless HDCaregivers  and the parents with children with this disease from Juvenile HD Caregivers  as well! 
Many want to attend a national convention but just can not afford to!  As you can see, our goals are to send as many people as possible to a national convention....but we need your help!  
Thank you for visiting our site and for your support to the Hunt-Dis Convention Scholarship Fund!

Fund Expenditures

All of the Committee members are volunteers therefore none of the money generated from sales or donations go towards operating expenses.  Those items offered are either offered at the lowest cost possible or they have been donated.  The amount indicated for designation towards the scholarship fund go 100%  towards sending members selected, through the HDSF Application  process, to  an HDSA National convention!   Any funds not expended in the current fiscal year will roll over to the next year's fund.

Here is one male caregivers message after attending his first convention:

"Well, I'm back from my first convention and I've got to say I had a marvelous time meeting so many wonderful people. I think my first reaction to the idea of going to an HD conference is ... "It has to be terrible to go to a meeting filled with people that have suffered so much disappointment in life."

But the reality is that the conference is filled with wonderful people that have such an appreciation for life. The excitement of sharing small successes with others when the challenge is so great is simply tremendous."

HDSF Donations-Expenditures

HDSF Donations-Expenditures

As an all volunteer group, the Hunt-Dis Convention Scholarship Fund is not able to provide a "vendor code"  or other documen-
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If your organization  requires something to support a check request, please use this Word Document with your request for check: About The Hunt-Dis Convention Scholarship Fund