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2004 HDSA National Convention

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Information about the The Louise Wilkinson Huntington's Disease Convention Scholarship Fund [herein after called the HDSF-LW] and why your support is needed and appreciated!
2003-2004 HDSF Committee  -  "Meet" your HDSF-LW Committee members for this year.

HDSF  Scholarship Application:

Application and instructions for applying for a HDSF-LW Scholarship.
Right now the process is closed until 2005.  Check back for updates.
Previous Winners

Huntington's Disease Memorial Quilt

Huntington's Disease Memorial Quilt - Information on the Hunt-Dis Huntington's Disease Memorial Quilt.  Learn how you can submit a square to honor your loved  one with HD.  Pictures of Phase I of the Quilt on tour in United States and Europe.
Huntington's Hero Award

Huntington's Hero of The Year Award  - Information on this annual Award which is presented at the HDSA National convention each year to the person voted as having  done the most, in the past year, to help increase Huntington's Disease awareness.  Criteria for the nominations is included. Nominate Someone Who Spreads The Word

Youth/Young Adults

National Youth Association-Silent Auction - Information on how to join the NYA and on their Silent Auction and how you can support it!  It will be held Saturday night at the HDSA 2003 National Convention


Collage of past conventions. A few pictures from 2002 HDSA Convention are shown plus the links to other pictures from past conventions!
Guestbook~Please Sign ;=)  Your comments are important to us. Please sign the Guestbook.
2004 Events 
stlouis2004.jpg  2004 HDSA National Convention  - Register now! The 19th Annual HDSA National Convention will be in  St. Louis, Missouri June 11-13, 2004. Early bird deadlines are here!
The contest has started to help raise funds for the 2005 scholarship fund!  Learn how every dollar you spend on any item from this website gets you one vote towards who will get the pie in the face!
2003 Events
Convention News & Events Planned that occured at the 2003 convention in Houston.
2003 HDSA National Convention  - Was a big success!
Donation Pledges
Donation Pledge Responder - For those wishing to make a donation in the memory of a loved one who had Huntington's Disease. Their name will appear on the card you select and placed on the Hunt-Dis Wall of Honor at the 2004 Convention. 


5th Annual Hunt-Dis Party!  -  The 2003 party was a big success!!  Plans are already in place for the 2004  5th annual Hunt-Dis party!
A chance for you to not only help the 2005 HDSF scholarship fund BUT  win some $$$$ for yourself!!  This was a HUGE success at the 2003 Convention!
Again in 2003  your HDSF committee members, (Dave Hodgson, Sue Leck and Jean Miller) were voted by all donors to receive the  pie-in-the face.   For every $1.00 you spend on items from  this site, you get one vote! Who will you vote to be the lucky recipients in 2004??
New in 2004 - We're adding a children's catagory.There were dozens of beautiful and creative T-shirts at the 2003 convention.  Instead of picking a winner, we donated them to the NYA Silent Action.  This is a challenge for everyone:  get your kids, parents, friends, support groups, chapters and neighbor together and have a T-Shirt making party.  Not only will you have a lot of together-ness and fun, but you'll be helping a worthy cause too!
Convention-Girl's Night Out  - Unfortunately this event will not be held in future years due to the schedules of people arriving at the convention.
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15% of all merchandise ordered from Amazon through the HDSF direct link will go into the scholarship fund!!  Use this link for all of your holiday and special gift shopping!
2004-2005 Awarness Calendars - This is a 2 year calendar with posters Creating Awareness for Huntington's that you can use!  Also order the Iron-On transfer or T-shirt with your favorite poster!
Carmen's Book and CD's  -  Well known writer, speaker and author Carmen Leal offers her books and musical CD's to help raise scholarship funds.
Fabulous hair scrunchies made by our own  Marie Nemec, HD Friend Extra-ordinaire!  Check out the Seasonal, Patriotic, Sports and other scrunchies. You'll want a half dozen or more!
HD and Me: A Guide For Young People -  A wonderful bok with quotes, poems and stories from those whose ages range from 8 to 22 .  For all young people who live in a family where someone has HD.  Also for young people who want to know more about the HD and how it may affect their friend(s).
 hdsucks.jpg "HD Sucks" Bumper Sticker -  Order yours today! Fill in someone's name on the top line, give one as a present!
Help CURE HD Greeting Cards - Almost 2,000 greeting cards, made by Jean Miller, each with a message to Help CURE HD.  Can be used for any occasion.  Owners of the CD have permission to use these for any Huntington's Disease fund raising events!  Link to the cards too - send a friend a special note today!
HOPE ~ Limited Edition Artwork  ~ By Gayle Kingsbury, a talented artist with Huntington's Disease, limited edition prints of "Hope" .  A beautiful portrayal of a mother and child.  Would make a wonderful gift!

Hope T-Shirts   The Fund is elated that Gayle Kingsbury has generously given her permission for us to offer "Hope" on a T-Shirt!

I Have HD - How many times have you or a loved one with Huntington's Disease gotten "those" nasty stares etc.  Well now you can "wear" a response out in public!! 

Randy Wilson's acclaimed cookbook with delicious recipes not only for those with swallowing problems, but for the whole family!
Original Artwork~By Lou  - Lou Wilkinson, was a talented artist with Huntington's Disease who offered to paint  an original art-work for this Fund.  Sadly Lou passed away February 8, 2004 from complications of the flu.  You can still see a few of Lou's work on this link.