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5th Annual Hunt-Dis Party!


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2004 HDSA National Convention
5th Annual Hunt-Dis  Party!
Thursday ~ June 5, 2003
2001 Hunt-Diser's Sing Along

What Is It?

In 1999 many members of Hunt-Dis decided to arrive at the HDSA National HD Convention in Orlando, Fl. a day early in order to meet our on-line "family" face-to-face. Words can't adequately describe what a truly emotional and rewarding experience this was for everyone who was able to attend!

Lifetime friendships developed, a "family" of support filled with love and genuine caring became the gift everyone took away with them. Naturally, we had to make this an "annual" event, with the "family" growing every year!

Who Can Attend?

You don't have to be a member of Hunt-Dis to attend this annual event....anyone living with Huntington's Disease and who is at the convention on Thursday is welcomed to join us!!

This Year's Events:
@ Bar 222

Unfortunately we recently learned that the  Inter-Continental in Houston only has a lap pool.  So... the annual Hunt-Dis Party will be held in the Inter-Continental's bar called 222. 

The party will start at 4:30 P.M. and kick off with the 2nd  annual "Pie-In-The-Face-Contest" Come watch  the "lucky??" winners from the Hunt-Dis Convention Scholarship Committee  get a pie thrown in their face by someone from the crowd!! You could be the person drawn to throw the pie!

While you're at the party, don't forget to get your Split The Pot!! raffle tickets!  The drawing for this will be announced Saturday night!

Please put a big red heart heart on your calendar for June 5th and plan on joining everyone for a fun filled night of laughter, hugs and fun! 
During the evening, T-Shirts created by our families (click: Creative T-Shirt Contest) will be auctioned off to the highest bidder to help raise funding for the 2004 Hunt-Dis Scholarship Fund. 
For those that are not able to make the convention, you canstill participate!  Make it a family project to make a T-Shirt then have someone bring it to the convention or mail it (no later then May 30th) to:

2222 West Loop South
Houston,   Texas  77459
Tel: +1 713 627 7600

Mark:  HOLD FOR Dave Hodgson
Huntington's Disease Convention
Making Special Memories
The majority of the evening is spent "catching up" with old friends and making new ones.  This truly is one of the highlights of the convention as it is the only time people can gather in a relaxing atmosphere and spend hours sharing their hearts and the events in their lives the past year. 
Won't you join us?
If you'll be at the convention, please stop by the pool  for the Hunt-Dis party!!  If you let Sue Leck know you're coming in advance (Email Sue) she'll have a name tag for you!
If you'd like to see some of the pictures from both past Hunt-Dis  annual gathering or HDSA national conventions just click on Pictures Galore!