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2004 HDSA National Convention
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 The Louise Wilkinson Huntington's Disease
Convention Scholarship Fund
In honor of a very special lady who was not only an educator to Huntington's Disease families around the world, but a valuable friend to many, and a Committee member of this convention scholarship fund since it's inception, this scholarship fund has been renamed in honor of Louise Wilkinson.
November 20th, 1949 ~ February 8, 2004
Humankind has not woven the web of life.
We are but one thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web,
we do to ourselves.
All things are bound together.
All things connect.
~ Chief Seattle
The Fund's History
Originally referred to as the HDSF, and renamed in honor of Lou Wilkinson, the Huntington's Disease Convention Scholarship Fund is now referred to as the "Fund" on this site or HDSF-LW. (Also see: About Us )
The Fund was originally started by members of Hunt-Dis, an on-line support group for all people living with Huntington's Disease from around the world.  The Scholarship is to help members who, due to financial hardships, were unable to attend a Huntington's Disease Society of America's (HDSA) annual national HD convention.  
Scholarships Available To
All HD On-Line Support Group
Just prior to the 2003 HDSA National Convention the Fund was expanded to include members from all on-line HD support  groups.  Those groups are ones like the HDSA National Youth Alliance (NYA) for our young people, the  devoted and tireless HDCaregivers,  the Juvenile HD Caregivers  for parents with children with this disease as well as other on-line internet support groups!
To learn about any one of those groups, please visit Internet Support Groups.
Huntington's Disease in an inherited, degenerative, brain disease for which there is no cure. Every child of a person with HD is at a 50% risk for inheriting this insidious, terminal, disease which slowly atrophys brain cells leaving the person unable to speak and eventually requiring total care.

The experience of attending a HDSA National Convention is invaluable to any family living with Huntington's Disease.  It is at a national convention where they can hear, first-hand, the latest in research directly from the mouth of all the wonderful scientists and researchers who attend each year.

The individual sessions are designed to help everyone from caregiver, to those at risk, to the person with Huntington's Disease and to our young adults and children living with HD, who have it or are at-risk for it.

Lastly, the comradeship and lasting friend-ships that everyone will make at
a national convention is so heart-warming it just cannot be experienced to the same degree through on-line support groups. 

Money is raised for this Fund through several projects that you will find on this website on the Index
  It is hoped these projects will not only help in generating donations, which will allow more applicants to attend a convention, but also to provide the donor with something in exchange for their hard earned money.

If you can, please support this Fund through the purchase of one of the many items that have been offered this year, or through a monetary donation to the Fund. Thank you!

The Fund's bank account is still registered under the HDSF.  Therefore, please make all checks or money orders payable to "HDSF" and mail them to:

c/o Dave Hodgson/Treasurer
1526 Applegate Dr.
Naperville, Il 60565
To learn more about the Huntington's Disease Society of America, click here: Huntington's Disease Society of America(HDSA
Thank you!
The 2003-2004 HDSF Committee would like to Thank Everyone who has supported this important project by your generous contributions and the purchasing of the items on this website!! We are here to serve you the best we can. 
Fund's  Mission Statement
The Fund is a nonprofit group dedicated to sending as many deserving members from an on-line HD support group, as funding allows, to an HDSA National Convention.
Current Funding
March 28, 2004:
The total funds available for scholarships to attend  the 2004 HDSA National Convention is $2073.91 .
The award of 1 full and 4 partial scholarships this year will distribute $2,074.00 from this Fund. 
There is another $50.00 in the 2004 Split The Pot  of which 50% goes towards the 2005 Scholarship Fund and 50% goes toward the split-the-pot winning ticket to be drawn at the convention.
The 2004 Winners
Five [5] applications were received, reviewed and rated by your Fund committee and the scholarships for 2004 awarded!!  Please see 2004 Scholarship Winners  for a list of winners and the distrubtion of the $2,074.00 from the 2005 Fund.
Funding Needed For
One Scholarship
To send just one person to an HDSA National Convention can cost anywhere between $1,000.00
to $2,000.00, depending on the location of convention vs where the winner lives.   
Meet Us in St. Louie!
stlouis2004.jpg The 19th Annual 2004 HDSA National Convention will be in St. Louis, Missouri June 11-13, 2004.  The earlybird registration is April 2nd.
Thank you everyone!
Please  continue to support this activity through your purchase of some of the great things offered on this site (see Index ) or through your donations.  Last year the Fund was able to send 4 people to the convention.  This year, with your help, the HDSF is targeting sending all 5 applicants!
Please, tell all your family and friends about these items too!
If you would like to make a pledge to support this convention scholarship fund, please use this auto-responder:  In Memory~Donation Pledge
Past Conventions
Thanks to all of you, recipents of the convention
scholarship Fund winners found themselves surrounded not only by understanding and compassion but most importantly of  all.....lasting friendships. 
To see pictures from previous convention, click here: Pictures Galore!.   
2003 HDSA National Convention
Was  held June 6-8, 2003 in Houston, Texas.  If you would like to see what information was available on the 2004 HDSA National Convention please see: 2003 HDSA National Convention
2002 HDSA Convention
If you would like to see what informa-tion was available on the 2002 HDSA National Convention please see: 2002 HDSA National Convention and 2002 Convention Agenda
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