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2004 HDSA National Convention

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If you'd like to make a pledge  to the Fund, and help someone who is  having financial difficulty attend an HDSA National Huntington's Disease convention, please use the below responder.

To send just one person to an HDSA national convention costs between  $1000 and $2000.00.   Scholarship expenses help cover the  convention registration fee, R/T transportation, lodging and meals. All expenses are paid to the Scholarship winner and, depending on remaining funds, partial scholarships to the other applicants.

If the autoresponder does not work on your computer, or you would prefer to send your pledge via email or snail mail, please contact:

Dave Hodgson
1526 Applegate Dr.
Naperville, Il 60565

If you haven't already, please visit the About Us page.



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My check or money order, payable to "HDSF", will be mailed to:

HDSF Treasurer

Dave Hodgson
1526 Applegate Dr.
Naperville, Il 60565