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2004 HDSA National Convention

2nd Annual Creative T-Shirt Contest
June 5, 2003 
About the contest:
The 2nd Annual T-Shirt contest will be held to raise funding for the 2004 Hunt-Dis Scholarship Fund.  The shirts will be displayed at the  5th Annual Hunt-Dis Party!

Anyone, any age, can participate by designing a t-shirt using the groundrules on the right, which reflect promoting awareness to Huntington's Disease.

The results of the contest, including a picture of the winning design, will be reported here after the convention!

So, put on your creative
thinking cap
and HAVE FUN! 
Get the whole family involved!

Tell me and I forget;
show me and I remember;
involve me and I understand
~ Unknown

May 21, 2003

For those that are not able to make the convention, you canstill participate!  Make it a family project to make a T-Shirt then have someone bring it to the convention or mail it (no later then May 30th) to:

2222 West Loop South
Houston,   Texas  77459
Tel: +1 713 627 7600

Mark:  HOLD FOR Dave Hodgson
              Huntington's Disease Convention

Note: You can download these instructions to handout at HD Support Groups, etc. to get everyone involved in this fun project!
T-Shirt Design Rules:
  • All shirts must be an extra large t-shirt, your choice of color.
  • All shirts must include the following information somewhere on the shirt: "Houston", "2003", and the name of your on-line HD support group (i.e. Hunt-Dis, NYA, HD Caregivers, JHD Caregivers, At-risk group, etc.)
  • Anyone can design your entry.
  • Any medium may be used from Sharpie Marker to Computer designs.
  • You must be willing to auction and give away your shirt if it is voted the best shirt.
  • All monies donated/voted will go towards the 2004 Hunt-Dis scholarship fund
  • Basically, anything goes as long as rule #1 is followed. (Good taste ~language is expected)
  •  The winning shirt will be auctioned at the Hunt-Dis pool party June 5, 2003
  •  Please, only one entry per person.

How Voting Works:

  • Those in attendance will vote on the BEST shirt by donating one dollar for each vote.
  • The shirt getting the most donated on its behalf will be declared the winner.
  • If you're not attending the convention, you can STILL enter by designing your shirt and mailing it to Dave Hodgson to be received by May 25th. Mail your design to:

    T-Shirt Contest c/o
    Dave Hodgson
    1526 Applegate Dr.
    Naperville, Il 60565

Or bring it with you to the convention and give to Dave any time before  the Hunt-Dis party June 5, 2003

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