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2004 HDSA National Convention
All files were lost on my computer last summer.  When I receive the amounts from the Treasurer the below accounting of the HDSF funds for 2001-2002 will be updated.

HDSF Donations-Expenditures

The HDSF "fiscal year" runs from April  through March of each year.  This is to coincide with scholarships being awarded by March in time for the winners to be able to take advantage of early convention fee registrations and make advanced travel plans. 

All HDSF Committee members are volunteers and do not receive any compensation for their time.  Annual HDSF expenses (non-scholarship), which may be paid out of these funds each year, are for the current Hunt-Dis Person of The Year plaques and any committee decision to advance purchase an item to be offered for sale.  $100.00 must remain in the HDSF checking account to avoid paying fees to the bank. 


In mid-year the funds were transferred from a bank in Oklahoma to Illinois and Dave Hodgson was named the HDSF Treasurer.

The funds from 2000-2001 were rolled over to the 2002 HDSF fund since the winner was unable to attend the convention due to family problems at the last minute. $1,413.00 rolled over. 

With additional items sold or donations received, our  year-end balance was $ (need) of which (need) was paid out to scholarship winners and (need) was paid out for HDSF expenses ..


We started out this fiscal year with (need) rolled over from the previous year's funds.  The year-end balance, as of March 25, 2003 was $2548.23, not counting a pledge donation of $100.00 to be received.

The 4 full and partial scholarships awarded totaled $1,2503.12 leaving a balance of $45.11 in the 2002-2003 scholarship fund, not counting a pledge of $100.00 to be received. 

Any money not spent on the annual Hunt-Dis Person of the Year award  will roll over to the 2003-2004 HDSF scholarship fund.


This is the first year we have donations in place for the 2003-2004 scholarship!  The current balance, as of March 27, 2003, is $60.00. 

This expenditure accounting sheet will be updated upon the close out of this fiscal year.  For on-going updates throughout the year, please see the Home page.