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I Have HD!
T-Shirt Iron-On or T-Shirt
"Make My Day-Restore My
Faith In Human Kindness!"
How many times have you or a loved one with Huntington's Disease gotten "those" nasty stares or comments from rude, uninformed people? 
Sadly, at one point or another, almost all of us have had this unnerving experience.  
Well now you can "wear" your response out in public!!  A person who becomes informed about  Huntington's Disease might not be so rude in the future!
The HDSF is offering either an Iron-On transfer or a T-Shirt with any one of the below quotes printed on it.
May we also suggest you print out and carry several of the HD ID Card's with you every-where you go to hand out!
How To Order
Iron-On Transfers are $3.00 each a T-Shirt is $16.00 each either with one quote.  Both will have the "Hi, My Name is" at the top reflecting the name you submit.
First, pick out the quote you want then use this form to write it in and submit your order:  I Have HD Auto Responder
If you're ordering a T-Shirt, please remember to include your size!
Don't forget your Pie-In-The-Face-Contest Votes.  For every $1.00 you spend you get 1 vote in the Pie-In-The-Face contest. Let Sue know who you want to get the pie in 2004!!

Hi, My Name Is _________ and I Have Huntington's Disease

The Quote you select will be printed in this sized Font.

"I'm A Feeling, Caring Person.
Please Treat Me With Respect"

"I May Have Trouble Talking,
But I Love To Listen!"

"Your Stares 'n Whispers Hurt Me
Please Know, God Is Keeping Count"

"Make My Day-Restore My
Faith In Human Kindness!"

"Smiles Go A Long Way,
Remember I Am Aware!"

"Please Have Patience
I Have Trouble Speaking,
Give Me Time To Respond"

"Please walk one day in my shoes
before you judge me."
"God Knows I'm Special So It Doesn't
Matter What You Think!"

"Nothing Is Impossible For Those
Who Don't Have To Do It! " 

"If You Can't Be Kind, At Least
Have The Decency To Be Vague.

"Be Thankful That, By The Grace of God,
Your Children Do Not" 

"HD SUCKS! Now Explain To Me
If Any Part of That Was Unclear" 

Write Your Own Saying