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2004 HDSA National Convention

Huntington's Disease Awareness Posters
as of August 29, 2003
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Having a parent with Huntington's Disease and living under the veil of being at-risk shouldn't be considered a "normal" childhood under any circumstance.
HDSA National Youth Alliance - It's all about friendship & support.
HDSA National Youth Alliance [NYA]
One's lost a husband, has one child HD Positive, another at risk. The other lost her only child to JHD.  Faith and friendship see us through.

and has a child at-risk.  Life threw them together and made them friends~fighters to help all those with Huntington's Disease
Huntington's Disease, tearing families apart.  Please help.  Call HDSA 1-800-345-4372    Sarah and Paula H.
with Juvenile Huntington's Disease who need your help.    Stacy Hill-JHD
Won't you help?  Call HDSA 1-800-345-4372    Valentine Day calendar page.    Mr. & Mrs. Hayes