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Living With Juvenile Huntington's Disease (JHD)

What is a typical day like for someone without JHD? Your mom or dad may wake you up for school. You make your bed. You eat breakfast, then you head to the bus stop or walk to school. In most cases, these things are not impossible for a kid with JHD, it's just that they must do them a little differently.

Juvenile Huntington's Disease usually doesn't stop kids from going to school, making friends, and doing things they enjoy. With the help of devices such as computers that can speak for them or wheelchairs that help them get around, some kids with JHD can do many of the same things that a kid without JHD can do for a long time.

Kids with juvenile Huntington's Disease are just like other kids, but with some greater challenges that make it harder to do everyday things. More than anything else, they want to fit in and be well liked.

If you know someone or meet someone with juvenile Huntington's Disease, be patient. If you can't understand what a person with JHD  is saying, or if it takes him longer to do things, give him extra time to speak or move.

Being understanding is what being a good friend is all about, and a kid with JHD will always appreciate it!


Adapted from What's Living With CP Like? at