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HDSA Chapters & Support Groups
To locate an HDSA Chapter or peer led support group in your state, go to the HD Support Information website
Start A Peer-Lead Support Groups in Your City
Ideas on how to start your own HD support group in your city.
Most of these you may have to join the group before being able to participate, however all are free! Friends you meet in these chat rooms, message-boards, and list-servs can be a real stabilizing force in your life. You will find understanding and friendship.
All Known HD Related Chat Rooms and Message Boards
A miscellaneous list of HD chatrooms
At Risk-For Huntington's Disease
Chat for anybody, but with people at riskfor Huntington's Disease in mind. 

HDAC Chat Room  This is the chat room for the Huntington's Disease Advocacy Center. It's intended as a backup to MGH Chat when you're having trouble with the MGH chat site. It is an IRC chat applet.

HDAC Message Board This message board is intended for you to post questions related to HD that are not covered by the FAQ.

Join Hunt-Dis the largest on-line support group of people living with Huntington's Disease from around the globe! It is one big family of loving and caring people. Won't you pull up a chair and join us?
Jerry's Lighthouse Chat Forum
This chat forum is visited regularly by the HD community and is hosted by the HD Lighthouse
MGH HD Chat Room This very popular chat room is hosted by Department of Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital. It is usually the first room to visit when looking for a chat
MGH HD Message Board
This message board is hosted by Department of Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital.
National Youth Association
Young people and adults ages 9 through 29 living with HD. These young people have made it their mission to make this the LAST generation of Huntington's Disease! This forum is for all members of the NYA or any young adult living with HD in their life. Come on in........together you CAN make a difference!!