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These all came from the TeenInk site.   I've broken them out by
topics in case you're not interested in the others ;=)

Art Gallery - Are You Artistic?
TeenInk -
Submit your drawings, paintings, photographer etc.

College - Thinking About College?
TeenInk -
Thinking about college or terrified of the admissions application process?
Explore the hundreds of college application essays and college-related
articles all written by teens! Looking for a school? Check out the Teen Ink
College Directory and College Reviews!

Community Service - Volunteering
TeenInk -
There are 406 items in the Community Service section. Read these community service experiences by teens. Through these examples of teen writing, you can read about everything from volunteering at soup kitchens
to visiting nursing homes. These essays can spark your own ideas for service opportunities, too! This is your chance to do something for others.

Fiction - Like to Write?
TeenInk -
There are 1010 items in the Fiction section.
Check out the teen-written short stories, mysteries, science fiction, romance,  poems, westerns, drama, horror and humor in the Teen Ink Fiction section. Send in your own, too!

Non-Fiction - Like to Write?
TeenInk -
Nonfiction written by teens - including heroes, pride and prejudice, articles about the environment, racism, sexism, health, travel, jobs, money, cars, pets, school, friends, family, parents, life and so much more. Check 'em out!

Interviews - Like to talk to people? Write?
TeenInk -
There are 83 items in the Interviews section.  Win an opportunity to interview one of these celebrities in our Interview Contest (Martin Sheen, Pedro Martinez, Michael Crichton, Whoopie Goldber, Colin Powell, or Chris Crutcher).  Read interviews with Senator John Glenn, Maya Angelou and others.

Opinions - Have any opinions you want known?
TeenInk - 

Teens DO think, so read their opinions about school,society, current events and hot topics, the death penalty, war, violence, crime, justice and injustice, human rights and everything else under the sun. All works in Teen Ink are written by teenagers

Poetry - Like to read? Write?
TeenInk -
There are 2,495 items in the Poetry section.
From the angry to the sentimental, it's all here: Haiku, sestinas, Love poems, free verse and rhyme - We publish poets!

Review - Like Read? Listen to Music? Watch Movies?  TV? Go to College? Summer Programs
TeenInk -
Teen written reviews of movies, music, colleges, TV shows, summer programs, computer games, videos, concerts, books, even food, theatre, random products, DVDs, and more! (see "Other Reviews" for those).

Sports - Learn/Read covers A to Z 
TeenInk -
There are 568 items in the Sports section.
It's all about baseball, football, soccer, hockey, track, running, basketball, skating, skiing, gymnastics, skateboarding - the joys, the injuries, winning, losing or just playing the game, role models, high school and professional sports and the whole nine yards ...

Have something to submit on one of these topics?  Submit Your Work!
TeenInk -
  • Teen Ink has no staff writers; we depend completely on YOU to send writing, art and photos.
  • There is no charge to submit or be published and anything you submit will be considered forTeen Ink's magazine, book series and website.
  • Check out our submission guidelines before you submit, including special instructions for sending art and photographs.
  • Send us your art, poems, stories and reviews of your favorite (and least favorite) movies, books, colleges and websites.
  • Have you done community service recently? Tell us about it.
  • Have you written a great essay for a college application? Send it in
  • Got an opinion? Tell the world!

If you are published in Teen Ink magazine, you will receive a free copy of the issue containing your work. If you are published in the magazine or online, you will receive a Teen Ink pen and a special Teen Ink Post-It pad.

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