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What Kids Are Saying
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What Kids Are Saying
Below are links to other pages that contain other real life stories about young people living with Huntington's Disease.   They are included here to provide you, the reader, with every possible opportunity to understand what our young people are experiencing in hope that you will support them in any way you can!
Ashling ~ A 15 year old girl at risk write about her feelings when she first learned a parent has HD and how it has affected her life.

Jenny's Story  ~ A 17 year old girl at risk for HD shares how HD has affected her life.

Julie's Story ~ A 17 year old girl at risk for HD shares what her life has been like having a mother with HD.
A 14 year old girl at-risk for HD shares how she has found the courage to go.
"HD and Me: A Guide For Young People" written by Alison Gray. The "quotes from young people [that] appear throughout this book and speak far louder than any text."    Read excerpts from this book as well book reviews.
These replies were from some of the young people in the HD NYA group to questions on Suite 101-Huntington's Disease before the NYA established their own message board.
Five different articles  from the HD Lighthouse about a young lady at risk on what it's like living with HD, being at risk, testing, in-vitro fertilization and more.