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2004 HDSA National Convention

2004 Huntington's Hero of The Year Award
  Nomination Submittal

Criteria For Consideration of A Nominee

This award is for a person who has either:

(a) contributed the most to promoting HD awareness in their community or via media;

(b) who has successfully lead fund raising efforts for Huntington's Disease research or family services; or

(c) has devoted a significant amount of personal time and effort in assisting HD families or individuals by providing guidance, supportive information, websites, etc.

The nominee could have accomplished one or more of these things in the past year.
Previous winners of this award are not eligible for nomination for a period of 3 years after receiving the award.

Nominees do NOT have to be a member of an On-Line HD Support Group.   It can be a member of your support group, HDSA Chapter or just anyone you are aware of who has contributed a lot of their time and energy in   the past year supporting awareness to Huntington's Disease per the above criteria.

Submit Your Nomination

Please submit nominations by using this Nomination For Huntington's Hero of The Year Award on or before midnight CST, Friday April 16, 2004 by sending an email to Mike Brown.

Voting Rules

The top 3 names nominated will be submitted for your vote.  Voting will begin soon after the closing of nominations . 

1.  Votes can be cast by any current member of an HD On-Line Support Group
2.  Each member may cast 1 vote ONE time only
3.  Deadline for voting is midnight CST, Friday April 30, 2004

How to Vote:
Review the list of nominees, make your choice, then send a private e-mail to  Mike Brown indicating who the person or group your vote is for.   
Announcement of Winner:
The winner of this prestigious award will be announced Sunday, May 2, 2004  and the award will be presented at the 2004 HDSA National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri June 11-13th, 2004