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2004 HDSA National Convention

 DownloadWORDdoc:Nomination For Huntington's Hero of The Year Award

2004 Huntingtons Hero of The Year Award Nomation Form

Instructions: Copy and past your Nomination and Email it to: Mike Brown
[or download the above Word form.]

Submitted By:
Member Of On-Line HD Support Group:
Email Address:

Name of Nominee:

I hereby nominate the above person for the 2004 Huntingtons Hero of The Year Award. This person is being nominated because [write description below]:























Criteria for Nominees:

(a) contributed the most to promoting HD awareness in their community or via media;
(b) has successfully lead fund raising efforts for Huntington's Disease research or family services; or
(c) has devoted a significant amount of personal time and effort in assisting HD families or individuals by providing guidance, supportive information, websites, etc.