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10 The Most Commonly Asked Questions
Clinical Trials & Research
Huntington's Disease~WeMove Info
Advocacy/Donations/Press Info
Clinical Definitions-Terminology
Facing HD~Family Handbook
JHD Handbook-Chapter 1
JHD Info-Stanford Univ.
Physician's Guide To HD
Caring for People with HD
Physical & Occupational Therapy In HD
Understanding Behaviour in HD-Dr. Jane Paulsen
Understanding Behavioral-Dr. Edmond Chiu
Advanced Stages Caregivers Handbook
Activities of Daily Living-HD
Unified HD Rating Scale (UHDRS) Motor Section
Westphal Variant
SECTION 1 - At Risk
At Risk For HD-What Next?
Q&A On Risk of Inheriting JHD
Testing Children
Best Interest of Child?
Crystal Ball?
Parent Hasn't Tested?
Food For Thought
Age & Probability Chart
At-Risk Checklist
SECTION 2 - Genetic Testing
Genetic Testing for HD
Genetic Counseling-In General
Psychological Impact
Intro: Genetics/Genetic Testing
Prenatal & Preimplanation
Prenatal Testing-In General
o Genetic Testing Resources
o Personal Stories
Age of HD Appearance
Children of Parents With HD
Child~Parent Ill
Clinical Description JHD
What Kids Are Saying-HD
o HD & Me
JHD-Duration of Illness
JHD-Clinical and Research
JHD Symptoms
Parenting With HD
Patients/Families Coping
Talking With Children About HD
5 Stages of HD
o JHD Resources
SECTION 4 - Possible Symptoms
o Parent Resources
8 Fears of A Chronic Illness
Anxiety, Fears & Phobias
Apathy-Physician's Guide
Attention-Perceptual/Unawareness Physician's Guide
Behavior Management
Bi-Polar Disorders
Botulinum toxin therapy
Caring Tips
Child Abuse-Reconizing Signs
Chorea-Physician's Guide
Cognitive/Decision Making/Impulsivity
Cognitive-Short Tips
Communication Problems
Communication Strategies For HD~Jeff Searle
o Communication Resources
Dehydration-Physician's Guide
Denial of HD
Depression~Physician's Guide
Depression-Understanding It
Depression-How To Help
Depression - Treatment Resistant Patient
o Depression-Other Resources
-Read If Your Child Is On Antidepressant
Disgust - Impaired Recognition in HD
Dissociative disorders
Driving - Physician's Guide
o Dyslexia Resources
Dystonia/Rigidity & Spasticity Physician's Guide
Dystonia-Predominant Adult-Onset HD
Epileptic Seizures and Epilepsy
-Seizures ~Special Populations
- Subdural Hematoma Risk In HD
Fevers - Unexplained
Fevers, sweating & menstural cycles in HD
GERD (Stomach)
HD Principle Treatments
Hand muscle reflexes in HD
Hypothalamus - A Personal Theory
Insomia ~Physician's Guide
Irritability~Temper Outburst Physician's Guide
Learning Disability
Mania/OCD~Physician's Guide
Myoclonus (Movements)
Nails-What To Look For
Night Terrors
Nutrients: Some Possible Deficiency Symptoms
Obsessive Compulsive OCD
Panic Disorder
Personality disorders
Pneumonia-Advanced Stages
- Aspiration Pneumonia
Prosody - Social impairment in HD
Sexuality~Physician's Guide
Skins Sensitivity
Sleep Disorders
Smoking-Physician's Guide
Swallowing & Nutrition Physician's Guide To HD
Nutrition and HD~Anna Gaba (Recipes)
Nutrition Information In HD~Naomi Lundeen
Speech & Swallowing~Lynn Rhodes
Swallowing & Nuitrition Resources
5 Swallowing Problems
Swallowing Warning Signs
HD & Diet~HSA Fact Sheet 7
Weight Gain
Taste changes in HD
-Feeding Tubes~Advanced Stages of HD
-Feeding Tube~Jean Miller
-Feeding Tubes: One More Word ~Jean Miller
-Feeding Tube~Dental Care
-Feeding Tube Instructions~Jean Miller
-Feeding Tubes & Baby Foods
-Feeding Tube Resources
Why Certain Symptoms Occur
-Symptom & Treatment Resources
SECTION 5 - Therapies
Physical Therapy In HD
Finding a Therapist - Behavoir
Speech-Language Therapy
o Easter Seal Therapies & Resources
o Therapy Resources
SECTION 6 - Medications Please Read
Medications-Movement Disorders
~HD Treatments
Adolescents Under 25
Antidepressant Adverse Effects
Anti-psychotic Medications
Anxiety-Antidepressant Medications
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EPA-Fish Oil
Haldol/Haloperidol - Clinical Medication Sheet
Haldol~Clinician Description
Haldol & HD
Haldol-HD Patient Experiences
Haldol~ Patient Handout
Mood Stabilizers: Dosing & Target Symptoms
Neuroleptic malignant syndrome
Olanzipine-Risperidone & blood tests
Prozac, Luvox, Paxil, Zoloft & Celexa
Psychiatric ~ Children
Spasticity Meds/Treatments
SSRI Medications
Tardive Dyskinesia
Weight Gain Medications
Weight Gain Medications
Sertraline ~Zoloft
Cutting Prescriptions
Sites That Help the Medicine Go Down
Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies
o Drug Info Resources
-Medication/Emergency Forms
SECTION 7 - Surgery
Surgery-Movement Disorders
o Surgery Resources
SECTION 8 - Procedures
CT Scans, MRI's etc.
Swallowing Tests
Tests Commonly Used
o Procedures Resources
SECTION 9 - Alcohol/Drugs
Alcohol-Parent's Guide
Alcohol-Talking To Your Child
Drugs-What To Do?
Drugs-Talking To Your Child
Disciplining-Ages 0-13 & Up
SECTION 10 - Suicide
Straight Talk On Suicide
Teen Suicide-You Need To Know
o Suicide Resources
SECTION 11 - Divorce
Divorce & Child Stress
Tips For Divorcing Parents
SECTION 12 - Disabilities
Caring-Child & Medical Technology
Caring for a Seriously Ill Child
Child Long Term Illness
Disability-Special Education Plan
o Disability Resources
Special Needs Resources
Financial Planning
Finding A Special Needs Camp
Special Needs Camp
SECTION 13 - Assisstive Help
Child Assistive Technology
Resources For Adaptive Equipment
SECTION 14 - Emotional
Signs of Unhealthy Self-Esteem
Emotional Behavior Links
o Emotional Support Resources
SECTION 15 - Grief
Helping Child Deal With Death
o Grief Addtional Resources
ADD/ADHD Research Articles
ADD & Teens
Conduct Disorders
Understanding AD/HD
What Is AD/HD?
ADHD FAQS & Related Info
o ADD~AD/HD Resources
SECTION 17 - Support
HD Support Groups
National Youth Association
SECTION 18 - Links
HD Links
Helpful Forms-Info
Related Resources
Tips For Friends
SECTION 19 - Benefits
HD Disability
-No Insurance? Try Siding Scale Savings
-Social Security-Benefits For Children With Disabilities
SECTION 20 Articles
SECTION 21 - Caregiving
Caregiver's Handbook
Ten Tips For Family Caregivers
Useful Tools For Caregivers
Prepare For & Prevent Home Emergencies
Getting Respite Care or Extra Help At Home
"First Shift With A Person With HD"
Symptom Management
Caregiver Self-Assessment
SECTION 22 - My Experiences
Our Personal Experience
Coping At The End
Kelly E. Miller
Song & Verse
Letter From My Heart

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