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Estate Planning Resources
Estate Planning Resources
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Complete List of U.S. Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Attorneys with Web Sites. Find an estate attorney in your area.
From Nolo.law After you've taken the important step of making your
estate planning documents, you can help your family by addressing the
practical issues discussed here.
  • Do you want a funeral or a memorial ceremony?
  • If so, what type?
  • Do want flowers, or donations to charity?
  • Who should be notified about your death and funeral?
  • Did you prepare a will or living trust?
  • Where is the original?
  • Did you own a life insurance policy, pension, etc?
  • Where are the documents stored?
  • Where did you have bank accounts?
  • Did you have a safe deposit box?
  • Did you have stocks, bonds, or money in mutual funds?
  • Where are the records?
  • What real estate did you own? Where are the deeds?
Want to Start A File? See Making A Personal File

Forms or Tips To Help You
Where To Find My Papers Form WORD DOC A form to fill out for your estate planning.
Tips Organizing your loved ones important papers
Personal Record & Documentation Form  WORD DOC available - A form to help you keep track of your loved ones personal records and other important information.
WORD DOC available.  Includes personal information on each family member, important advisers, property information both personal and business, banking, savings, investment accounts, insurance for life, health, home etc., listing of credit cards, debit cards, clubs~memberships and the names, addresses and phone numbers for all.  Other important records such as Bill of Sales, Divorce Papers, Household Inventory etc.
Estate Planning
Estate and Gift Tax - How Have The Laws Changed? From Nolo.Law what's next for Estate and Gift Tax: how the estate tax will fade away beginning 2002 through 2010 and other changes that affect Estate Planning.
Estate Planning - The Right Estate Plan for You.  From Nolo.law - Is your estate plan in good shape? Here's what to consider such as age and martial status, a partner but not married, have young children own mutual funds, or you're elderly or ill.
From Nolo.law covering
  • Will my estate have to pay taxes after I die?
  • What are the rates for federal estate taxes?
  • Are there ways to avoid federal estate taxes?
  • Can't I just give all my property away before
    I die and avoid estate taxes?
  • Do some states impose death taxes?
  • Can I avoid paying state death taxes

Reducing Estate Tax by Making Gifts Under $10,000 - Nolo - Making gifts during your life can provide you with tax savings and more.

How will a divorce affect my estate planning?   - From CNBC - "Most states will not allow couples who are in the process of divorcing but are still legally married to completely disinherit the spouse. Go to link to read full article.

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