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Tips For Helping Your Friend
Facing A Serious Illness
Download DOC: Tips For Helping
When someone we care about  faces a serious illness, most of us find it hard to know what to do.  Feeling helpless and uncertain, we say, "If you need anything just call," but we know that's not really enough.
Here is a collection of truly useful ideas you can use to show your concern and support for people who are close to you.
Don't avoid me. 
Be the friend, the loved one
you've always been.
Touch me. 
A simple squeeze of the hand
tells me you still care.

Call and tell me
you're bringing over
my favorite dish. 

Bring food in
disposable containers
so I won't worry
about returning them.

Watch my children
while I take a little time
to be alone with my loved one.
My children may also need
a vacation from my illness.
Cry with me when I cry
and laugh with me when I laugh. 

Don't be afraid to share
these emotions with me. 
Pain isolates.   Help me
reconnect with others.

Take me out
for a pleasure trip,
but I know my limitations.

Call for my shopping list,
and make a special delivery
to my home.

Before you visit,
call to let me know,
but don't be afraid to visit. 
I told you I can get lonely.

Help me celebrate
holidays (and life)
by decorating my hospital room
or home, or by bringing me flowers
or other natural treasures.
Help my family. 
Invite them out. 
Take them places.  I am sick,
but they may be suffering also. 

Offer to come
and stay with me
to give my loved ones a break.

Be creative. 
Bring me a book of thoughts,
taped music, a poster for my wall,
cookies to share  with my family and friends.
Let's talk about it. 
Maybe I need to
talk about my illness.
Find out by asking,
"Do you feel like
talking about it?"

Don't always feel
we have to talk. 
Sitting quietly together is fine. 
Your presence confirms that
I'm still important and alive.

Can you take me and/or
my children somewhere? 
I may need transportation
to a treatment, to the store,
or to my physician.

Help me feel good
about myself
by looking past my appearance.

Please include me
in decision making. 
I've been robbed
of so may things.

Don't deny me a chance
to make decisions
in my family and in my life.

Talk to me about the future. 
Tomorrow, next week, next year. 
Hope is so important to me.

Bring a positive attitude. 
It's catching. 
Help me respect reality.

What's in the news? 
Magazines, photos,newspapers, 
and verbal reports
keep me from feeling
the world is passing me by.

Could you help me
with some cleaning? 
During my illness my family
and I still face dirty clothes,
dirty dishes, and a dirty house.

Water my flowers.

Just send a card to let me
know you care.

Pray for me and share
your faith with me.

Tell me how you'd
like to help me,
and when I agree, please do so.

Tell me about support groups
so I can share with others.
Source:  Seasons Hospice
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