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2004 HDSA National Convention

Memorial Cards
You have a choice of using either the Amaryllis or the Lily "In Loving Memory Of" cards shown below.  Your loved one's name will be written under the picture and your personal message written on the right-hand side.  
Cards honoring your loved one will be placed on a posterboard next to the Hunt-Dis Huntington's Disease Memorial Quilt at the HDSA convention.  When the convention is over we will be putting all of the cards into a "Memorial Album" that will travel with the quilt.
These cards could also be used for you to make a donation in someone's name to either HDSA, HDF, the Hunt-Dis Convention Scholarship Fund (HDSF)  or any Huntington's Disease fund you support.  Just print out the WORD document, add the person's name you are honoring and your personal message, then mail!  Both cards have been placed inside a "table" to give you a guide on where you should cut.
WORD DOC:  Amaryllis Card
WORD DOC:  Lily Card
Lily card
Amaryllis card

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