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Note:  Quite a few of Florida's documents require Adobe for PDF files.  Please see Tools For Viewing
Online Sunshine  - The Official Guide to the State of Florida Legislature
Florida State Parks - Find a Florida State Park
Vital Records-Vital Statistics consists of information on obtaining certificates of birth, death, marriage, and dissolution of marriage.
-About Domestic Violence - Learn more about the Domestic Violence Program.
-Contact Information - Find out who to contact to obtain Domestic Violence assistance or to volunteer your services.
-Safety Plan -  If you are in an abusive relationship, be prepared to get away. Read these suggestions to properly prepare yourself.
11 Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) that are located throughout the state.  These agencies then provide services directly or through local providers to the elder citizens of our great state.
Community Care for the Elderly is a state-funded program for frail elders, age 60 and older. Eligibility is based, in part, on a client's inability to perform certain daily tasks essential for independent living, such as meal preparation, bathing or grooming. Additional community based services included adult day health care, home health aide, counseling home repair, medical therapeutic care, home nursing and emergency alert response. Community Care for the Elderly clients are assessed a co-payment, based on their ability to pay for services received.
Contact: (850) 414-2000 Email:
Consumer Resource Guide. This Consumer Resource Guide is about services for elders. Its purpose is to give you, the consumer, the information you need about the services that are available. HTML version. For a complete of the  printed version, please download a (2 MG).zipped PDF FILE [239 pages]
Elder Services In Florida-Services in your neighborhood (PDF FILES)
County Organizations (230 K)
Regional Organizations (16 K)
State-wide Organizations (19 K)
National Organizations (25 K)
Senior Centers by City (54 K)
Florida State Goverment-Offices Website
The Florida Consumer Directed Care Project (CDC) - Department of Elder Affairs directed program for financially and functionally eligible frail elders, adults with physical disabilities, parents of children with developmental disabilities and adults with developmental disabilities who are willing and able to direct their own services are encouraged to apply. Consumer Directed Care is not intended for Medicaid waiver consumers who need case management assistance and cannot accept responsibility for their own care.
Boca Raton Interfaith in Action
Call:  561-391-7401  or
An organization founded to maintain dignity and independence while enhancing the quality of life of home-bound individuals and their caregivers.  Now developing and implementing a Comprehensive Family Caregiver Support Program, funded by the Quantum Foundation. 
Polk County Caregiver's Organization
Phone:  863-665-8257
A charitable organization for education and the provision of assistance, supplies, care, information, counseling, nurturing, shelter, transportation, advocacy, public discussion, lectures and recognition to aid and encourage family caregivers and give them a voice in the Polk County community and throughout the state of Florida.
About Children's Mental Health -Floridas public-funded childrens mental health system serves eligible children with serious emotional disturbance, children with emotional disturbance, and children at risk of emotional disturbance, within the amount of funds appropriated for these services.
Child Care Food Program -Nutritious meals and snacks for children.
Locate Child Care Arrangements - To locate a specific child care arrangement and view provider inspection report information.
Child Support Services-locating missing parents, establishing legal paternity, and establishing, enforcing, and modifying support orders.
KidCare -Florida KidCare offers affordable, low-cost health insurance for the uninsured children of Florida. 
New Hope Center, Inc.
100 East Sybelia Avenue, Suite 300
Maitland, FL 32751
Phone:  1-407-629-8920
Fax:  1-407-629-7206 TDD:
Provides assistance to Orange, Osceola, Seminole, and Brevard County  residents by granting the wishes of terminally ill children.
Substance Abuse Prevention-Information regarding the Florida Youth Initiative Program, Prevention Programs (special projects), and the Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey.
West Coast Dental Association  (813) 931-3018
The Developmental Disabilities Home and Community-based Waiver program (also called the Medicaid Waiver) is a mechanism to provide care in community-based settings, as an alternative to institutional care. Contact Information  The addresses and phone numbers for district/regional staff.
TAC  -  is a national organization that works to achieve positive outcomes on behalf of people with disabilities or other special needs by providing state-of-the-art information, capacity building, and technical expertise to organizations and policymakers in the areas of mental health, substance abuse, human services, and affordable housing.
Estate Planning

Adult Care Food Program -Provides meal reimbursement to eligible Licensed Adult Day Care Centers and others. Promotes the improvement and/or maintenance of the nutritional status of Florida's community-based elderly and functionally impaired adults that attend eligible day care programs. Providing assistance to low income families through the Food Stamp, Medicaid and Temporary Cash Assistance Programs.

-Service Center Locations -  To find an office near you click on the map or click on the link.
-Take our eligibility survey -  Check to see if you may be eligible for programs offered by Department of Children and Families.
-Request For Assistance
Impresion para Solicitud de Ayuda
 Print an application for assistance.
Lifeline Assistance Program and Link-Up Florida are designed to ensure that all residents of Florida have access to telephone service and connections in their homes.
Private Fuel Funds  - There are non-federal dollars available from local fuel funds, which frequently are contributed by your neighbors when they pay their utility bill. Ask the state energy assistance office for the local phone number of the fuel fund nearest your residence.

Meals On Wheels Association of America -represents those who provide congregate and home-delivered meals services to people in need.
Somebody Cares
Operation Blessing- Tampa
PO Box 4486
Clearwater,  FL  33758
Phone:  1-727-536-2273
Provides limited financial assistance for rent or mortgage payments, emergency needs in situations of catastrophic loss (fire, flood, earthquake), utility bills (water, electricity, gas). Request will only be considered if a letter is attached from a pastoral or agency letter. Payments will be sent directly to the creditor.
The Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Assumption Catholic Church
2403 Atlantic Boulevard
Jacksonville,  FL Zip: 32207
Phone:  1-904-398-1917
Provides the following programs:  Emergency Food Distribution To Those In Need, Distribution of Lunches To Transients, Emergency Financial Assistance, Visits To The Homebound And Those In Nursing Homes, Receipt And Distribution of Clothing, Referral Of Clients To Appropriate Community Agencies For Additional Assistance
The purpose of the Temporary Cash Assistance program is to provide temporary financial help to eligible low-income families. The program is designed to end dependence by needy parents on government benefits by promoting training, job preparation and work.
Temporary Cash Assistance FAQs
 -TANF State Plan
Managed Health Care
The Bureau of Managed Health Care plays an important role in AHCA's mission to champion accessible, affordable, quality health care for all Floridians through the oversight and monitoring of a variety of programs.
Florida Hospital Services Guide - Visit the Florida Hospital Services Guide to locate the services in your area by medical conditions, surgeries, statistics and medical specialties.
Medicaid - continued
Medicaid - During your interview, the eligibility specialist will determine your eligibility for all public assistance programs.This will include Medicaid, Temporary Cash Assistance and Food Stamps.  You can apply for Medicaid at any Department of Children and Families (DCF) office.Click here for a complete list of DCF offices in your area Offices.
Medicaid FAQs - Additional information about Medicaid for low income families is available in the Family-Related Medicaid Fact Sheet. Information regarding the income and asset limits for Medicaid for low income families and children can be found on the
Medicaid/SSI Related Programs in Florida (PDF, 170KB)  -A fact sheet that summarizes Medicaid programs for aged and disabled people, including the institutional care program. Explains eligibility criteria, and gives contact names and phone numbers.
Medicaid for Elderly or Disabled - The State of Florida has several programs designed to provide Medicaid to low income individuals who are either elderly (65 or older) or disabled.This is referred to as SSI Related Medicaid.  Additional information about Medicaid for elderly or disabled individuals is available in the SSI-Related Programs Fact Sheet
Medicare Assistance (SHINE)  - If you need individual assistance, the Department offers our SHINE program. SHINE stands for Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders and is a statewide network of trained volunteer counselors that can provide you with free insurance counseling and information about your Medicare and health insurance coverage. To contact a SHINE volunteer, call the Florida Elder Helpline, toll-free, at 1-800-963-5337 or click here to obtain a listing of Elder Helplines in each of Florida's 67 counties.
MediPass - Medicaid Provider Access System (MediPass) is a primary care case management program for Medicaid recipients developed and administered by Florida Medicaid.  For more information call  888-419-3456 between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. Eastern Time Monday through Friday.
SSI-Related Programs Fact Sheet contains information about Medicaid eligibility criteria for the aged, blind and disabled, including Medicare cost-sharing coverage for Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries (QMBs), Specified Low-Income Beneficiaries (SLMBs), and coverage for Qualified Individuals. 
Medicare Plan Choices in Florida - Explains the various types of Medicare health plan options currently available  in Florida including original Medicare and managed care plans.
Medicare Contract HMOs in Florida (PDF, 9KB)
Lists the names and phone numbers of Medicare contract HMOS available by county.
Medigap (Medicare Supplemental) Policies in Florida (PDF, 489KB)  Outside Link. A consumer guide to Medigap (Medicare supplemental) policies in Florida.
Medicare Options for Disabled Beneficiaries Under 65 (PDF, 241KB)  - Things to consider when seeking a Medicare supplemental policy if you are disabled and under age 65, and a list of companies currently selling policies.
DJJ Home - Department of Juvenile Justice homepage
Long Term Care 
Comprehensive Assessment Review and Evaluation for Long-Term Care Services CARES is a federally mandated nursing home pre-admission assessment program. Persons who are applying for Medicaid nursing home care are assessed by either a CARES nurse or social worker, with medical review by a physician prior to approval. CARES Local Offices
Florida Consumer Awareness  - Brochure Home Health Care in PDF Format
Home Care For the Elderly (HCE)-provides a subsidy payment to help caregivers maintain low-income elders in their own home or in the home of a caregiver. The monthly basic subsidy payment is made to the caregiver fro support and health maintenance, and to assist with food, housing, clothing, and medical care of the client. There is also a special subsidy available to assist with specialized health care needs. An eligible HCE participant must be at risk for nursing home placement.
Contact: (850) 414-2000
Long-Term Care Insurance Self Assessment Guide - A guide to help you decide if you should purchase Long Term Care Insurance.
Long-Term Care- This guide gives information about long-term care options. HTML | PDF
Options for Lifelong Care Consumer Guide (PDF, 1337KB) - A consumer guide that explains long-term care insurance policies in Florida and community care retirement centers.
Medicaid Assisted Living for Frail Elders Waiver  -  for clients age 60 or older who are at risk of nursing home placement and meet additional specific functional criteria. Additional support and services are made available, in Assisted Living Facilities with Extended Congregate Care or Limited Nursing Services Licenses, to provide the right person, the right services, in the right place.
Public Guardianship Program - The Public Guardianship program provides guardianship services for incapacitated persons when a private guardianship is not available. The Guardianship program provides a public guardian only to those persons whose needs cannot be met through less drastic means of intervention. For more information on the Public Guardianship Program, please call 813-974-1649 or contact the Elder Help Line in your area by calling 1-800-963-5337.
Mental Health
Baker Act - Florida Statute 394.463, Baker Act Involuntary Examination is a means of providing individuals with emergency services and temporary detention for mental health evaluation and treatment when required, either on a voluntary or an involuntary basis.
Marchman Act  - A Petition to Marchman Act may be obtained in the Mental Health division of the Probate Clerk's Office.  Marchman Act  is a means of providing an individual in need of substance abuse services with emergency services and temporary detention for substance abuse evaluation and treatment when required, either on a voluntary or involuntary basis.  A minor may seek voluntary admission for substance abuse services without parental or guardian consent.
Provider Search - Locate a Substance Abuse or Mental Health Provider in your area.
Prescription Drug Assistance
Medication/Drug Assistance-Zepherhills, FL
Neighborhood Care Center
Zepherhills, FL
Phone:  1-813-780-6822
Provides emergency medication assistance to individuals on a one time only basis. Each case is evaluated and determined for eligibility for resident in Zepherhills
doubles the current monthly benefits, providing $160 a month in prescription drug benefits. It's named after retiring Senator Ron Silver of North Miami, and will serve about 58,000 elderly Floridians who are Medicare eligible and have family incomes between 88 - 120 percent of the federal poverty level (between $7,797-$10,632). Download Application for Print: DOC  |  PDF
PhRMA Directory of Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Programs - A directory of prescription drug assistance programs offered by the pharmaceutical industry.
Prescription Assistance Fact Sheet (PDF, 256KB)  A fact sheet that summarizes various prescription assistance programs,that may help with the cost of prescriptions drugs, including pharmaceutical discounts, state and federal programs and uninsured or under 65 consumer.
Respite Care
Caregiver Respite Programs - The Florida Department of Elder Affairs administers three volunteer-based programs. Volunteers may spend up to four hours per visit, providing companionship to a frail, homebound elder. Activities may include conversation, reading together, playing board games, or perhaps preparing a light snack.

Consumer Resource Guide. This Guide is about services for elders. Its purpose is to give you, the consumer, the information you need about the services that are available.

RELIEF Program-  offers family members and loved ones providing constant care for a frail elder and those stricken with Alzheimer's disease and related dementia a much needed break.

Senior Companion Program- is a national service peer volunteer program, which is part of the National Senior Service Corps. Provide services to elders at risk of institutionalization due to chronic illnesses, disabilities or isolation

Health Rehabilitation Therapies - For additional information on rehabilitative therapies contact your doctor, local health clinic or call the Elder Helpline  (1-800-963-5337).
Transportation  - To insure the availability of efficient, cost-effective, and quality trans-portation services for  transportation disadvantaged persons. Toll-free: (866)-374-3368 ext. 5700.  General Information:
Florida Veterans Information
 Florida's "Veterans Benefit Guide, tour a state veterans' nursing home,  sign up for our electronic newsletter ("eFloridaVetsNews").
VA Domicliary Care -Robert H. Jenkins, Jr. Veterans' Domiciliary Home of Florida Located in Lake City, our home provides care to honorably discharged veterans. Veterans must be in need of Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL)- i.e., grooming, medications, feeding, or food preparation due to disease or disability. 1-year resident of Florida (at time of application).
VA Medical Centers- Including medical examination and treatment, transportation, optometrists,dental, surgical services, wheelchairs, artificial limbs, and  adaptive appliances
Veteran Nursing Homes - Criteria & Requirements: Candidates must be veterans with qualifying war or peace-time service, be a resident of Florida for one year immediately prior to applying for admission and must require long-term care in a skilled nursing facility
VA Outpatient Centers - To provide
necessary medical services to eligible
veterans on an outpatient basis to include
medical examination and related medical
services, drugs,rehabilitation, counseling
and mental health services as necessary
for the treatment of physical or mental