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Note: Go to your State Pages for information on whether 
there is an HD Center of Excellence located there.
 What Is An HD Center of Excellence?
Centers of Excellence are stable regional centers providing high quality clinical care and services to individuals affected by Huntington's Disease (HD) and their families. In addition to clinical
and family services, Centers of Excellence provide professional and lay education and are involved in HD clinical research.
Centers of Excellence are designed to provide comprehensive multidisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic services for HD individuals and their families. Services are centered around an organized HD clinic in which an individual's needs are determined; plans are made to fulfill those needs and sufficient follow-up is provided.
HDSA Centers of Excellence are being established at strategic academic institutions throughout the United States to complete an HD network of resources and referrals. There are currently 16 centers across the United States, with plans to expand the program to 25 by the year 2005.
Centers of Excellence's are supported through your donations and funding raised by HDSA Chapters. 
Center of Excellence Celebration of Hope Dinners  
Celebration of Hope events are held annually across the country in support of the HDSA Center of Excellence program. These gala events bring together the community served by a Center or potential Center and demonstrate the positive effects an innovative program can have on a region. 
For More information about the Celebration of Hope Events, or the Center of Excellence Program, contact your local HDSA Chapter or  the National Office at 1-800-345-HDSA or email at
How Do You Become an HDSA Center of Excellence?
Potential programs must meet a rigorous standard of established criteria to apply for funding as an HDSA Center of Excellence. Applications are reviewed each year by a national panel of experts. Sites are chosen on their proven ability to meet the needs of the HD population as well as their ability to expand services. The Core Services offered by the HDSA Centers of Excellence are:
  • Medical Treatment by Neurologists specialized in Movement Disorders
  • Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy
  • Genetic Counselors and Genetic Testing Services
  • Trained Social Workers available to assist families
  • Network of Regional Referrals for HD care
  • Opportunities for participation in HD research
Where are the HDSA Center of Excellence Programs?
HDSA Center of Excellence at
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
1600 7th Ave. South
Ambulatory Care Center, Suite 516
Birmingham, AL, 35222,
Jan Findlay, RN, MS, CS
(205) 939-9588
(205) 939-6184
HDSA Center of Excellence at
The University of California
Davis Medical Center
4860 Y Street Suite, 3700
Sacramento, CA, 95817,
Terry Tempkin, RNC, MSN, ANP
(916) 734-6278
(916) 734-6525

HDSA Center of Excellence at
The University of California San Diego
Outpatient Center, Third Floor Suite 1
200 West Arbor Drive
San Diego, CA, 92103,
Shirley Fenner, RN
(858) 622-5800
(858) 622-1012
HDSA Center of Excellence at
The Colorado Neurological Institute
701 East Hampden Avenue, Suite 530
Engelwood, CO, 80110
Website: Movement Disorder Clinic
Sherrie Montellano
(303) 788-4600
(303) 788-8854
HDSA Center of Excellence at
Emory University School of Medicine
1841 Clifton Road
Atlanta, GA, 30329
Randi Jones, Ph.D.
(404) 728-4936
(404) 728-6685
HDSA Center of Excellence at
The University of Iowa  Hospitals and Clinics
Psychiatry Research 1-145 MEB
Iowa City, IA, 52242,
Elizabeth Penziner
(319) 353-4307
(319) 353-3003

HDSA Center of Excellence at
Johns Hopkins Hospital
Meyer 2-181
600 North Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD, 21287
Website: HD Center
Debbie Pollard
(410) 955-2398
(410) 955-8233
HDSA Center of Excellence at
Massachusetts General/Tewksbury Hospital
VBK, Fuit Street
Boston, MA, 2114
Colleen Skeuse
(617) 726-5892
(617) 726-5346
HDSA Center of Excellence at
The Hennepin County Medical Center
701 Park Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN, 55415,
Beryl Westphal R. N., A. N.P-C
(612) 347-6024
(612) 904-4270
HDSA Center of Excellence at
Washington University School of Medicine
660 S. Euclid Campus Box 8111
St. Louis, MO, 63110
Website: Movement Disorder Clinic
Susan Donovan
(314) 362-6909
(314) 362-0168

HDSA Center of Excellence at
North Shore University Hospital
444 Community Drive, Suite 206
Manhasset, NY, 11030,
Dennis Zgaljardic
(516) 869-9527
(516) 869-9535
HDSA Center of Excellence at
Columbia Health Sciences/
New York State Psychiatric Institute
1051 Riverside Drive
New York, NY, 10032
Deborah Thorne, C.S.W.
(212) 305-9172
(212) 305-2556
HDSA Center of Excellence at
The University of Rochester
919 Westfall Rd, Buldg C. Suite 220
Rochester, NY, 14618,
Leslie Briner
(716) 273-4147
(716) 341-7510

HDSA Center of Excellence at
Ohio State University Medical Center
1645 Upham Drive, Means Hall 4th Floor
Columbus, OH, 43210,
Karen Betcher, RN
(614) 247-6851
(614) 293-4974

HDSA Center of Excellence at
Baylor College of Medicine
6550 Fannin, Suite 1801
Houston, TX, 77030
Website: Huntington's Disease Clinic
Lauren Tipton
(713) 798-5970
(713) 798-6808

HDSA Center of Excellence at
The University of Virginia
500 Ray C. Hunt Drive
Charlottesville, VA, 22903
Website:   UofV Huntington's Disease Program
Pat Allison

(804) 924-2665
(804) 982-1726

HDSA Center of Excellence at
The University of Washington Medical Center
1959 NE Pacific Street
Seattle, Wa, 98195
Website: UW Neurological Clinic
Robin Bennett
(206) 616-2135
(206) 616-2414