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Talking With Children
Families & Coping With HD
What Young People Think~HD
HD & Me: A Guide For Young People
Do You Have A Sibling With HD?
SECTION 2 - Knowledge!
What Is Abuse?
What Are Signs of Abuse?
What Is Attention Deficit? (AD-HD)
Emotional~Helping Your Child
Alcoholic Parent? What You Should Know
How Do I Handle Anger?
What Is Anxiety?
How Do I Handle Bad Moods?
What Is A Bipolar Disorder?
How Does My Brain Work?
What Are My Brain Parts?
Brain Foods & Actions
What Is A Chronic Illness?
Handout: 25 Tips To Help Someone
What Is Depression?
Are You Depressed?
What Happens On A Physical Exam?
What Will Happen At A Hospital?
What Is A Drug/Drinking Problem?
How Can Drugs Harm Me?
What Are Epilepsy~Seizures?
Do My Feelings Matter?
All About Genes
Explain Hyperactivity To Me
What's It Like Living With JHD?
~JHD HDSA Project
What Is A Learning Disability?
How DO Medicines Work?
How Does Our Memory Work?
What Is Obsessive Compulsive?
What Is An Occupational Therapist?
What Senses Pain?
What Is Physical Therapy?
What Is Speech Therapy?
What Is A Psychologist? Psychiatrist?
Thinking About Running Away?
Why Do I Feel Sad?
Why Is Sleep Important?
Special Needs Kids-What's It Like?
Feeling Stressed Out?
Suicide~Helping A Friend
Does Talking To Parents Help?
What About Teens & Suicide?
What Is Seeing A Therapist Like?
Tell Me About Wheelchair Use
Tell Me About Dying
~ Grief
SECTION 3 - Links
HD Support Groups
HD Information
Medical Stuff
Good Stuff!
Fun Learning!
Got Talent?
Fun Stuff
Live Chat Room
Message Forum
Add A Link
Kelly E. Miller
Fun Quotes
What Young People Think~HD

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                                          WOW, what special, moving, stories!!  
The information that was on this page has been moved.  See:
Speaking Out-Living With HD  
Purpose:  Very moving and touching portrayal of how the devastation of
Huntington's Disease affects the lives of our young children and adults
living with the disease through a Question and Answer format
animated rule
Several of the members of our HD National Youth Association responded
to a list of very sensitive questions I generated on how living with HD has
affected their lives.  They gave permission for me to put their answers on
a website to share with others, in hope that their experiences and feelings
would not only help other young adults living with HD, but those parents
sharing their lives as well.
We are very proud of the children and young adults who are members of
the HD NYA,  and after reading these responses you will be too!
This site also contains  other articles written by young people as well as
some related information for both young people and parents.
Please visit the above site!!
Want to join the HD National Youth Association? 
 Visit:  About NYA