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Huntington's Disease
Convention Scholarship Fund
Please excuse the "advertising" I've decided provide the below information/links to the Huntington's Disease Convention Scholarship Fund because it is such a worthwhile cause! This fund assists members of all on-line Huntington's Disease Support Groups attend a national HDSA convention who, otherwise, could not afford to attend. Please read About Us - To learn more about this group and the conventionscholarship fund and why your support is needed and appreciated
Please ~ Support The Cause! 
Items For Purchase
A 5% to15% from all merchandise ordered from Amazon through this HDSF direct link will go towards the HDSF scholarship!!  Please use this link for your everyday needs, your holiday and special gift shopping!
Awareness Calendar
Learn how you can get this2 year calendar
Awareness T-Shirts
Learn how you can have any one of the over 100 Huntington's Disease Creating Awareness Posters made into a T-Shirt, or get an iron-on decal to make your own t-shirt. Wear one to your office, school... or give one as a gift! Also read how you can receive your own, personalized, free poster using a picture of someone you love living with Huntington's Disease.
Carmen Leal's Book and CD's~ Well known writer, speaker and author Carmen Leal offers her books and musical CD's to help raise donations for the HDSF scholarship.
HD Awareness Buttons~ Who can resist an eye-catching button?Wear them, give them to friends, promote awareness to Huntington's Disease!
Only a few copies left! This wonderful bookis filled with quotes, poems and stories from those whose ages range from 8 to 22. An excellent book for all young people who live in a family where someone has HD. 
 "HD Sucks!" Bumper Stickers~ Order one today! Fill in someone's name on the top line, give it as a present or stick it on your car!
Help CURE HD Greeting/Awareness Cards  -Almost 2,000 greeting cards, made by Jean Miller, each with a message to Help CURE HD.  Can be used for any occasion.  Owners of the CD have permission to use these for any Huntington's Disease fund raising events!  Link to the cards too - send a friend a special note today!
HOPE ~ Limited Edition Artwork  ~ Offered By Gayle Kingsbury, a talented artist with Huntington's Disease, offers her limited edition prints of "Hope".  This is a beautiful portrayal of a mother and child. Makes a wonderful gift!

HOPE T-Shirts - The HDSF is elated that Gayle Kingsbury has generously given her permission for us to offer "Hope" on a T-Shirt!

How many times have you or a loved one with Huntington's Disease gotten "those" nasty stares etc.  Well now you can "wear" a response out in public!!  12 sayings to choose from or write one of your own!
Randy Wilson's acclaimed cookbook with delicious recipes not only for those with swallowing problems, but for the whole family!
Smash HD Hammers!
These are really FUN!  Isn't there someone you would like to hit with a "Smash HD" hammer?