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Tennessee State Flag Tennessee  
MidSouth Huntington's Disease Group
(an HDSA Affiliate)
President:     N/A
Contact:        Kathy Bergeson
Phone:          (901) 755-0205
Address:        8950 Evening Grove Cove 
                    Cordova, TN 38018
Website:       None Listed
Serving central and west Tennessee, South-eastern Arkansas, plus northern Mississppi, etc..   We operate as an all-volunteer organization.  Any donations are gratefully accepted towards fund patient services & research and towards finding a CURE for HD.
HD Experienced
HD experienced:  need your input
Note:  The Alabama HD Center of Excellence sees HD families from the Tennessee area.
Genetic Testing  Facilities
University of Tennessee Medical Center
Developmental and Genetic Center
1924 Alcoa Highway
Box 0102
Knoxville, TN 37920
Contact:    Dr. Nicholas T. Potter
Phone:      (423) 544-9030
Fax:          (423) 544-6675

Vanderbilt University
Medical Center
Division of Genetics
DD-2205 Medical Center North
Nashville, TN 37232-2578
Contact:    Vickie Hannig, MS
Phone:      (615) 322-7601
Fax:          (615) 343-9951
Website:    VU Medical Center
Nursing Homes-
HD Experienced
Need your input
State Long-Term Care Ombudsman
Tennessee State Long-Term Care
Commission on Aging
Andrew Jackson Building, 9th Floor
500 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37243-0860
Phone:  (615) 741-2056
FAX:      (615) 741-3309
Nursing Home Surveys-Government searchable database for survey info on  NH in TN. 
Consumer information about Tennessee nursing homes, click here.  
State Veterans Homes
2865 Main Street
345 Compton Road
Assited Living
Family Homes for Adults - (615) 313-4763
A foster care service for adults who are frail or disabled and are victims of abuse or neglect. 
State Support
Tennessee Homepage
Tennessee Communities
County and city government Web sites, Demographic community information
Vital Records

Order birth, death, marriage and divorce records


Adult Protective Services -  1-888-277-8366
Services for adults, 18 years of age or older who are abused, neglected, or financially exploited and unable to protect themselves due to mental or physical disabilities or advanced age.
Elected Officials and Committees
U.S. and State Senators and Representatives and the committees on which they serve
General Assembly
The State of Tennessee Senate and House of Representatives
Every child (under 21) who is eligible for TennCare is eligible for these services. A child can be eligible for TennCare through Medicaid or through the Uninsured or Uninsurable guidelines.  Caring for Kids (EPSDT) screenings are well-child check-ups.
A statewide not-for-profit organization of parents, professionals, business leaders, and state representatives committed to improving and expanding services related to the emotional and behavioral well-being of children.
(615) 313-5464 or 1-800-342-1117
Make disability determinations for the Social Security Administration for Tennesseans applying for Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) and Supplemental Security Benefits (SSI) through the Social Security Program.
Disability Resources
Resources and programs for disabled Tennesseans
Family Resource Centers-School-based Support Services
Family Resource Centers, Adult Protective Services, Victims' organizations
Community Services - (615) 313-4759
Contract Services to non-profit and local government agencies across the state, to assist people in crisis, and to provide support services to help low-income people become more self-sufficient or maintain independence.
There are some pharmaceutical companies that offer free medications to low-income families. They require a doctor's consent and proof of your financial status. Depending on what your insurance covers, you may be able to apply. A few companies even allow family incomes as high as $40,000 annually.
Low Income Home Energy Assistance & Weatherization Assistance Programs
-(615) 313-4764 or your local DHS County office. Assistance to low-income families, disabled, or elderly persons to help pay utility bills or make necessary repairs to weatherize their homes.
Families First (TANF) - 1-888-863-6178
Families First Hotline or Contact your local DHS Office. Tennessee's welfare reform program. A temporary cash assistance program that emphasizes work, training, education, and personal responsibility. A variety of other support services are available to help customers make the transition to self-sufficiency.
Food Stamp Program - 1-800-342-1784 Food Stamp Hotline or (615) 313-4888 Nutrition assistance program provides a safety net for elderly, disabled, families with children, or other low income households to help maximize food dollars for purchasing food and seeds to grow food.
 Volunteer Needed To Be Alabama's
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Special Notices
Check  HDSA's HD National Events Calendar for current events in your area.
Support Group Meetings
When:     Call for Dates
Time:      1:00 p.m.
Where:    Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
              5415 Raleigh-LaGrange Road
              Memphis, Tennessee
              (near Barlett)
Contact:  Kathy Bergeson
Phone:    (901) 755-0205

Eastern Tennessee (private meetings)
Call:   Meetings held on various days and times
Where:    VA Medical Center,
              Building #37 #116A
              Mountain Home, TN
Contact:  L. Bolick, LCSW or 
              M. Brooke-Webb, RN
Phone:    (423) 926-1171 x 7439
NOTE these meetings are for families of patients in the VA home only.
Participants:  HD family and friends interested in meeting with a nurse and a social worker
Northeast Tenn
Group disbanded Nov. 2002. 
Contact the Chapter for meetings near you.
State Resources continued
Financial - continued
Tenn Care Waiver Program -There are two--TennCare Medicaid and TennCare Standard. TennCare Medicaid is a program for certain low-income people: Children, Families who get welfare, People over age 65, People with disabilities. TennCare Standard covers some uninsured people who cannot get Medicaid or have health problems that keep them from getting health insurance. To be "uninsured," you must not have access to health care coverage such as Medicare, TRICARE, or insurance through your job or a family members job.  How do you apply for TennCare Medicaid or TennCare Standard? Go to your local DHS ("food stamp") office.  Click here to find the DHS office closest to you, or call 1-888-863-6178. This is a free call. In Nashville, call 313-5790. 
Bureau of TennCare
Administration of the TennCare and TennCare Partners programs, a managed care system that provides health care benefits including mental health and substance abuse services
Medicaid & TennCare -  1-800-669-1851 for TennCare Coverage
Or Contact your local DHS Office for Medicaid Eligibility. Tennessee's medical assistance program, which provides health care for low-income individuals and families who otherwise could not afford it.  HOW DO I ...
-find out what services are offered by my local health department?
-verify that my health care professional is licensed?
-learn about TennCare?
-contact Medicaid?
-contact Medicare?
Premier Behavioral Systems of Tennessee
(800) 447-7242   is a Behavioral Health Organization (BHO) and will provide and manage your TennCare Partners Program mental health and substance abuse benefits.
Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
People with disabilities may get Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits through the Social Security Administration in Tennessee, SSI benefits include Medicaid. You can call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 to find out more. This is a free call.
(1) to provide services to populations who are more difficult to serve because of their health care needs, their mobility, and/or their geographic location; and  (2) to serve as a "back up" in any area of the state where TennCare enrollees cannot be adequately served by the other TennCare HMOs. Click here to see Frequently Asked Questions about TennCare Select.
The Journey of Hope Program (A Program of NAMI-TN)
West Tennessee Region:    1-888-875-4687
East Tennessee Region:      1-800-929-5609
Middle Tennessee Region: 1-888-232-7830
The Journey of Hope program is an eight-week course for family members and caregivers of persons with mental illness. It is taught by family members for family members. It provides the opportunity to share feelings and experiences, and to learn.
Suicide Prevention
No suicide attempt should be dismissed or treated lightly! Treatment is available for those with thoughts of suicide. To learn more about warning signs, treatment, and precautionary steps, read the information below or call your Magellan program (800) 447-7242.
Disabled Person License Plates
Misc. State Support 
Family Services-Map by State
Guardianship Programs
A listing of guardianship programs in each state
Patient Advocate Foundation  listings by State: Ensuring equal access to health care to all Americans. Find out what is available in your community.  Information available on (to mention only a few from the entire list): Children,  Children's Health Insurance Programs, Community Referral, Disability Services, Financial Assistance, Food Stamps, Health Care, Insurance, Legal, Medication/Drug Assistance and Special Needs
Private Fuel Funds
There are non-federal dollars available from local fuel funds, which frequently are contributed by your neighbors when they pay their utility bill. Ask the state energy assistance office for the local phone number of the fuel fund nearest your residence.
State Resources-information or links related to Assistive Technologies, Disability Resources, Domestic Violence Legal Information, Family Legal Guides, Family Services, Guardianship Programs, Health & Human Services Quick Locators, Legal Assistance, Legal Forms - State & Federal, Long-Term Care Ombudsman Programs, Medicaid, Medicaid Waiver Programs, Social Security Offices, Summer Camp Programs, United Way~Local Support and more
United Way-Search By Zip Code will provide you with information on the United Way in your area.  If they have a website, they usually have a section called "How Do I Get Help?"  Click on it and look for their "Quick Guide" (To Human Services) for help in your area. You can print it out.  Most guides are in PDF format and are a great resources to put on your refrigerator!
Other Information
Dental-Even if you cannot pay for dental care there are ways in which to receive help. Contact the American Dental Association (ADA) (1-800-621-8099) to learn about dentists who assist individuals on fixed incomes by offering their services at reduced fees. is a screening tool provided by the federal government to help you find government benefits that you may be eligible to receive.
Insurance  Tennessee Consumer Guide for Getting and Keeping Health Insurance. The Guides summarize your protections, and so may not answer all of your questions. It is not a substitute for legal, accounting, or other professional advice.