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Welcome to the Huntington's Disease
Support Information Site!
Instructions:  Please use the Index~HD Search  to gain access to all of the information on this site.
First, I would like to say that this resource is not meant to replace the wonderful support that is available from all of the HDSA Chapters, HD Support Groups and HD Centers of Excellence.  The people working in those groups are there to support you.  Nothing can replace the one-on-one, face-to- -face support from someone who under-stands what you and your family are going through!
It is intended to help those people find information to help you and for the many thousands of families living with Huntington's Disease around the country who do not have the benefit of  having a support close to them.  Even if you live in a remote area of the country, please go to the State By State HD Support Info  page and find your state to see which HD support is the closest to you, and give them a call!
This website was established in an attempt to consolidate pertinent information on finding HDSA Chapters, HD Support Groups, Centers of Excellence, Doctors, Nursing Homes and other helpful information to help families living with Huntington's Disease on a state-by-state basis.
It is hoped, with your support, that this information can become a  "Huntington's Disease State-By-State Family Services Guidebook" to assist all families with a loved one with Huntington's Disease.  This resource is not being collected for any profit or monetary benefit.  It's FREE to anyone it can help!
If you have any information to add to these pages, or have a link to a helpful website, please submit them on the "Guestbook~Add A Link " page. 
Of particular interest are the names of physicians, neurologists, therapists, nursing homes, etc. i.e. any services knowledgeable in treating or caring for patients with HD in your area. Corrections should be included in the Guestbook too.
If you'd like to volunteer to gather information for your state, please go to following website or click on "How You Can Help ".

Having lost my only child, Kelly E. Miller, to Juvenile Huntington's Disease I know the importance to families on being able to find the right support as quickly as possible.  Although HD is no longer in my family, it is in my heart and soul until a CURE is found. I learned to fight hard and mostly on my own in getting care for Kelly.  It is in honor of her tenacity and love, which never wavered in her 15 year struggle with Huntington's Disease, that I continue to support HD Family Services issues and Juvenile HD in any way that I can.

With your support, through contributing information to these pages, this Resource can become a reality so that that other families learning about Huntington's Disease do not have to "fight the system"
as hard as we have had to.

Thank you!
Jean & Kelly Miller
(in heart/in spirit)
Clearwater, FL
HD Support  Information 
The  information offered on this site is by a non-medical  professionalInformation is provided to assist you in finding quality care and support. 
If  you have specific medical questions about  your condition  and/or its treatment please consult with your medical professionals. 
Inclusion of information on this site does not constitute an endorsement or recommen-dation by HDSA, it's Chapters or Support Groups or the webmaster.
This site does not receive any source of funding to support it.    All work is done voluntarily by the webmaster or other volunteers.
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