Weight Gain Medications


10 The Most Commonly Asked Questions
Clinical Trials & Research
Huntington's Disease~WeMove Info
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Clinical Definitions-Terminology
Facing HD~Family Handbook
JHD Handbook-Chapter 1
JHD Info-Stanford Univ.
Physician's Guide To HD
Caring for People with HD
Physical & Occupational Therapy In HD
Understanding Behaviour in HD-Dr. Jane Paulsen
Understanding Behavioral-Dr. Edmond Chiu
Advanced Stages Caregivers Handbook
Activities of Daily Living-HD
Unified HD Rating Scale (UHDRS) Motor Section
Westphal Variant
SECTION 1 - At Risk
At Risk For HD-What Next?
Q&A On Risk of Inheriting JHD
Testing Children
Best Interest of Child?
Crystal Ball?
Parent Hasn't Tested?
Food For Thought
Age & Probability Chart
At-Risk Checklist
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Genetic Testing for HD
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Prenatal & Preimplanation
Prenatal Testing-In General
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Age of HD Appearance
Children of Parents With HD
Child~Parent Ill
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What Kids Are Saying-HD
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JHD-Duration of Illness
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Parenting With HD
Patients/Families Coping
Talking With Children About HD
5 Stages of HD
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SECTION 4 - Possible Symptoms
o Parent Resources
8 Fears of A Chronic Illness
Anxiety, Fears & Phobias
Apathy-Physician's Guide
Attention-Perceptual/Unawareness Physician's Guide
Behavior Management
Bi-Polar Disorders
Botulinum toxin therapy
Caring Tips
Child Abuse-Reconizing Signs
Chorea-Physician's Guide
Cognitive/Decision Making/Impulsivity
Cognitive-Short Tips
Communication Problems
Communication Strategies For HD~Jeff Searle
o Communication Resources
Dehydration-Physician's Guide
Denial of HD
Depression~Physician's Guide
Depression-Understanding It
Depression-How To Help
Depression - Treatment Resistant Patient
o Depression-Other Resources
-Read If Your Child Is On Antidepressant
Disgust - Impaired Recognition in HD
Dissociative disorders
Driving - Physician's Guide
o Dyslexia Resources
Dystonia/Rigidity & Spasticity Physician's Guide
Dystonia-Predominant Adult-Onset HD
Epileptic Seizures and Epilepsy
-Seizures ~Special Populations
- Subdural Hematoma Risk In HD
Fevers - Unexplained
Fevers, sweating & menstural cycles in HD
GERD (Stomach)
HD Principle Treatments
Hand muscle reflexes in HD
Hypothalamus - A Personal Theory
Insomia ~Physician's Guide
Irritability~Temper Outburst Physician's Guide
Learning Disability
Mania/OCD~Physician's Guide
Myoclonus (Movements)
Nails-What To Look For
Night Terrors
Nutrients: Some Possible Deficiency Symptoms
Obsessive Compulsive OCD
Panic Disorder
Personality disorders
Pneumonia-Advanced Stages
- Aspiration Pneumonia
Prosody - Social impairment in HD
Sexuality~Physician's Guide
Skins Sensitivity
Sleep Disorders
Smoking-Physician's Guide
Swallowing & Nutrition Physician's Guide To HD
Nutrition and HD~Anna Gaba (Recipes)
Nutrition Information In HD~Naomi Lundeen
Speech & Swallowing~Lynn Rhodes
Swallowing & Nuitrition Resources
5 Swallowing Problems
Swallowing Warning Signs
HD & Diet~HSA Fact Sheet 7
Weight Gain
Taste changes in HD
-Feeding Tubes~Advanced Stages of HD
-Feeding Tube~Jean Miller
-Feeding Tubes: One More Word ~Jean Miller
-Feeding Tube~Dental Care
-Feeding Tube Instructions~Jean Miller
-Feeding Tubes & Baby Foods
-Feeding Tube Resources
Why Certain Symptoms Occur
-Symptom & Treatment Resources
SECTION 5 - Therapies
Physical Therapy In HD
Finding a Therapist - Behavoir
Speech-Language Therapy
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SECTION 6 - Medications Please Read
Medications-Movement Disorders
~HD Treatments
Adolescents Under 25
Antidepressant Adverse Effects
Anti-psychotic Medications
Anxiety-Antidepressant Medications
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EPA-Fish Oil
Haldol/Haloperidol - Clinical Medication Sheet
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Weight Gain Medications
Weight Gain Medications
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Sites That Help the Medicine Go Down
Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies
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-Medication/Emergency Forms
SECTION 7 - Surgery
Surgery-Movement Disorders
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SECTION 8 - Procedures
CT Scans, MRI's etc.
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Tests Commonly Used
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SECTION 9 - Alcohol/Drugs
Alcohol-Parent's Guide
Alcohol-Talking To Your Child
Drugs-What To Do?
Drugs-Talking To Your Child
Disciplining-Ages 0-13 & Up
SECTION 10 - Suicide
Straight Talk On Suicide
Teen Suicide-You Need To Know
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SECTION 11 - Divorce
Divorce & Child Stress
Tips For Divorcing Parents
SECTION 12 - Disabilities
Caring-Child & Medical Technology
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Special Needs Camp
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Helping Child Deal With Death
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HD Disability
-No Insurance? Try Siding Scale Savings
-Social Security-Benefits For Children With Disabilities
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SECTION 21 - Caregiving
Caregiver's Handbook
Ten Tips For Family Caregivers
Useful Tools For Caregivers
Prepare For & Prevent Home Emergencies
Getting Respite Care or Extra Help At Home
"First Shift With A Person With HD"
Symptom Management
Caregiver Self-Assessment
SECTION 22 - My Experiences
Our Personal Experience
Coping At The End
Kelly E. Miller
Song & Verse
Letter From My Heart

One HD family wrote:
Megace is a great appetite enhancer...Mom used and she went from 70 pounds
to 99 pounds in a month...ch...also does not interfere with other drugs and
no known side affects.

Megestrol acetate
MEGACE (megestrol acetate) Oral Suspension contains megestrol acetate, a synthetic derivative of the naturally occurring steroid hormone, progesterone.

To treat loss of appetite and severe weight or muscle loss in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) or cancer by causing certain proteins to be produced that cause increased appetite and weight gain.

Weight Gain Stimulant for COPD
Apr. 16, 2002
(Ivanhoe Newswire) --
An appetite stimulant commonly used in cancer and AIDS patients has also proved successful in treating COPD patients.

Megestrol acetate has been shown to increase body weight, appetite, performance status, and sense of well-being in cancer patients receiving radiation therapy or chemotherapy, and in AIDS patients.

Researchers in Florida found body weight increased significantly in COPD patients who took MA for eight weeks.

COPD is characterized by obstructed airways. It is generally brought on by bronchitis or emphysema. Around 14 million Americans are afflicted with COPD, making it the fourth leading cause of death.

This finding, they say, is important because COPD patients with low body weight and muscle wasting are at a higher risk for death.

Researchers conclude MA safely increased appetite and body weight, made breathing easier, and improved body image in underweight COPD patients. The treatment did not improve respiratory muscle function or exercise tolerance.

According to researchers, the ability of MA to induce a weight gain averaging approximately 6.6 pounds in an eight-week period is impressive, in comparison with other available methods.

Authors of this study suggest future studies should investigate the effects of MA in combination with an exercise program, anabolic steroid supplementation, or specific dietary modification.

SOURCE: Chest, 2002;121:1070-1078

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